Wednesday evening we had our high-school gang periodic get-together. We went to Avangard Ramat Hachayal, each carrying a coupon we bought in advance. Atmosphere wise the place kinda changed its character since last time I visited. It turned into sort of a sport’s diner. Countless flat screens all over the place, red lights and loud music. People got complementary peanuts on their shell which covered the floors and the place got crowded in no time. Many junk decorations were hanged on the walls and the the overall decor felt tacky and neglected (especially the toilets).
Maya and Ze’ev enjoying the atmosphere

I took the Philly sub that was priced reasonably compared to his fellow burger and other stuff that were clearly overpriced. Came with a salad and a side dish (52nis). It was hard to take the pic with the light so I’m sorry for the crappy pic. I will tell you that the salad was nice, the rice wasn’t. The sub had potential but after the first bite, the rest of it was lacking meat and was heavy on the mayo. The bun was fatty but soft. After half of it I asked to wrap it in a doggy bag. Maya took the same sub and was very upset with the over saltiness but complaining to the waitress wasn’t helpful.
Who’s gonna eat who first?
 The service was also bad. Our waitress had to write down our names to remember what each one ordered. The water we asked for many times was only brought before dessert and the highlight was when she recited the dessert menu. I asked for the written menu but she said it was not existing. Having some money left to our coupons I split a chocolate souffle with Michal. It was mediocre at best, being reheated and over-baked. In the bill this dessert was priced 46nis (!), an unrealistic sum that I have almost never saw even for a great dessert in a really good restaurant.
The bottom line – wasn’t even worth it for 50% off (though most of us had to pay extra). I’m not going back there. By the way, “Goocha” recently opened a new branch close by, I’m convinced that would be a better choice any day.
Important note: The next day I took the half Philly sub and filled it with extra meat, reheated it for lunch and it was better then the original. After lunch Itay and I went to use our coupons in Dida. It’s a new ice-cream place behind the G center Kefar Saba. The place was pretty empty but the guy there said the crowd comes later and it’s not empty all the time. This coupon was awesome and we wished to have bought more. We got the medium cup with 3 flavors for only 9 nis (instead of 19). The very welcoming ice-cream man let us taste what ever we wanted.
Itay took the espresso (more like moccha flavor), birthday chocolate cake and coconut-chocolate (bounty bar :>).
 I took dark chocolate, pears with wine and pineapple. The dark chocolate was the best, like smooth mousse topped with a chocolate ganach. Defiantly will go there again for this flavor if I had the chance.
I like Ice-cream.
Second visit to Avant Garde on: June 2014

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