Some of the food shopping done lately:
Just before going to Mommy’s place (see post), we stopped at Dragon to buy the famous soft tofu.

I also went to Eden Teva Market for their incredible grains selection by the kilo. They have very good prices compared to the wrapped packages on the Supermarkets. You can see how our pantry is full of grains now including: black, orange and green lentils, whole rice, Persian rice, risotto, corn, polenta, green wheat (freaky), groats (burgul), rice flour, pearl barley, whole couscous.
Sunday I was back from work, wanted to make some light dinner. While thinking about it I took out some baby spinach leaves and grains cracker with a blue cheese.
 It went real good together
I also tried this cracker with Servelad peperoni sliced paper thin.
Eventually I made a light vinaigrette for the spinach (olive oil, garlic, soy, mustard, balsamic vinegar, sugar, sesame oil), and one egg upside-down with Parmesan inside.
I love dinner
Preparing the next day’s lunch ready to reheat in the office, I made a peanut butter satay sauce from: peanut butter melted with some boiling water, yellow curry paste, coconut cream, garlic, soy… can’t remember what else but I forgot to put the ginger.
 On the satayed chicken breasts:
I wanted to cook the pearl barley but found out it was about 1.5-2 hr. cooking so instead I cooked instant whole couscous with olive oil and dried blueberries and raisins (also from Eden Teva market).
Steamed some asparagus with a little bit of butter and salt. Everything together ready to go! It was yammy in my tummy.
“I love lunch, it’s half the way to dinner..” (the musical)
The day after we ate Schnizel in Baguette bread which is a truly Israeli fusion meal.
This sandwich is gonna eat me before I eat him!
Finished with Freddo ice-cream in Kefar Sabba. Did not impress us compared to last week’s Dita experience. 
On the weekly dinner with Safta, she made a chilled Vichyssiose soup (leak and potato). It was refreshing and light as a first course.

Next, the Stuffed Onions and rice with peas. Unlike many recipes of stuffed veggies, Safta makes it mostly meat and just a small amount of rice inside. Check out Safta’s site in the links page for her recipes and pics (Yes! Safta has a website!).
For dessert, Safta always slices one star fruit (Carambula) – I can’t resist this fruit what so ever and she knows it! She had a tehini and chocolate mousses in the freezer with my name on it and also made some brownies. Very good brownies that raised the brownie bar for me for a lifetime.
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