5/5 Was Tamar and Gil’s wedding (@Leonardo city tower). There was defiantly food involved. Unfortunately (or maybe better say fortunately)  I had 3 or 4 too many Jin & Tonics to notice the food as much as I use to. I took some pics though. You can see for yourselves, the first course was 4 “mazets” with fish in it. I think the first from the right won first place for me. For mains I chose the lamb meat roll and then came the steak with fries, I ate one bite of them both. The dessert must have passed me by without noticing. Hahaha! We did get a lot of dancing going on (good thing considering the rest of the week’s eating).
6/5 Friday afternoon I went with mom to Dissinghoff Center. We found animals hanging inside the recycle bottles cages, how cute (and unrelated to anything)!
 For lunch we ate at the “Kere’ach” shawarma place on King Goerge st. We split one meal of shawarma on a plate. It was plenty, we both got really full and couldn’t even finish everything. Top findings: 1. Shawarma itself was OK not amazing and not disappointing. 2. Green tehini is goood! 3. Salad was unseasoned and tasted like it set there for a while (but usually eaten inside the pita with other things so it’s understandable). 4. The best thing was the Majadara. I love good majadara and theirs was done with more lentils then rice and  a lot of onions! Way to go!!
 7/5 Saturday at home we had the Tertmans and Solzis (Family) over for brunch. Lali got a new bread maker for passover so they baked two kinds of bread and we ate the regular breakfast things. That afternoon we used the great bread for this awesome sandwich which was a group effort. Dad made a pesto style paste rescuing the coriander and what’s left of an artichokes dip sauce. He also added garlic, walnuts, olive oil, sesame, parmesan cheese.. It was wonderful. On it laid the chubby pork sausage and on top some of my red cabbage salad with red onions, mayo, lemon, some sweetener and salt.
8/5 Sunday lunch we went to “Moses Kefar Saba” to celebrate Itay’s getting old. I took the “healthy burger” made of chicken, tofu and something else. It was served in a fluffy bun and with sour spread. But I had to ask for the regular veggies as they were nowhere to be found. I ate half of what you see here it was very fulfilling . For dinner I had the second half. This means it must contains the amount of calories necessary for a whole day (if not more)!
9/5 Was independence day eve. I walked with Chen in Newe Tzedek and Rotchild st. from beginning to end. All the hotdogs stalls made us crave for a hotdog ourselves but looking at them closer we found them looking rather disgusting. So we stopped at Hertel’s st. Frank’s place for a decent hotdog. It’s pricy (21/26 nis small/big) but tasty!  We both took the pork choice with everything. Chen said she don’t like the kind of bun they bake, but I liked it!
 After going back to Herzel Rotchild sts. we had to eat ice-cream. Everywhere was packed with celebrating people so we went for the chef ice-cream hidden place called “Doro”. I ordered the grapefruit and the strawberries with cream and it’s a good ice-cream. It can’t be a holiday without ice-cream.
10/5  The whole country is BBQing this day but we ended up missing the big event because there was a “suspicious object” preventing us from entering the supermarket to shop for food. All other supermarkets were closed for the holiday 🙁 We had to settle for a nice sirloin steak, aged in our fridge for about a week.
11/6 Having no holiday leftovers for Wednesday lunch, Itay and I went to use our “Meat & Roll” coupon. We asked for the “Quality Entrecote” roll with Lemonade (all for 15 nis with the coupon). We liked the tortillas made on the spot and the extra pesto sauce.
Same day in the evening I met with Shy in the Quicheria on Herzel st. We used 2 coupons each worth 60 nis. We had the meal of quiche with salad and a drink. I took the mushrooms, onions, pocorino and garlic and it was fresh, very nice and buttery. I also took another one for the next day’s lunch. The salad wasn’t that good in my opinion but Shy seemed to enjoy it.. It was also his first time tasting carrot juice (and didn’t like it)!!
13/5 Ina came to visit me on Friday from the far land called Jerusalem. We strolled Dissinghoff st. and around but Ina wasn’t so hungry unlike me. It got late and places closed but we finally managed to sit in “Ha-mitbachon” (near the Carmel Market). I took the lentils soup (24 nis). It ended up being a vegetables soup with lentils but it was good and tasty.
It is also possible to see my new shades in the background. yay!
 14/5 After staying the night at Sharin’s new apartment near Bugrashov and Disinghoff center (cool location!) we both went for today’s morning-noon eating event: girls brunch in “Caffe Bugrashov”. Nothing spacial about this place but we were too tired to walk all the way to “Benedict” so we compromised for what was near. Tamar and I split the Norwegian breakfast which was actually an Israeli breakfast but with salmon and matias instead of tuna salad.
We asked to poach the eggs but the waitress didn’t know what that means so we gave it up. hmm
This is it for now, thank you all my eating buddies and friends !! 😉
I think next week is gonna be more of a home cooking week. I hope so anyways…

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6 Responses to The past week was more eating then cooking

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You ate really nice-looking food this week:) I want a taste of the awesome sandwich you guys made with the unique pesto.
    Your posts always make me drool!


  2. snowPi says:


  3. Mashav says:

    Thanks both of you
    I'll try to replicate this pesto. But I guess it can never be exactly the same..

  4. Alon says:

    Nice picture of my bread.

  5. Inbal says:

    Hey Mashav!
    Got here by your facebook link – didn't know this was your true aspiration!
    Much better than Cognition 😉
    As one that would probably never go pro- I am proud to support! – just submitted to your e-mail updates, I'll be following 🙂
    Don't forget your left behind BA mates when you get your own restaurant 😉

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. Mashav says:

    Inbal, I'm glad to know you're a follower now 🙂
    I'm not sure it's better then cognition but maybe I'll make a cognitive-cook someday.


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