After eating Matza brite every day and what’s left of the holiday leftovers, the fridge started to get empty fast. Both me and Barak were too busy to go shop for fresh food so we waited for our parents to come back from Morocco and  buy some stuff. It took a while due to weekends, memorial days etc, in the meanwhile we had to use what’s on the Freezer.

For lunch Itay and I went to use our coupon at “Comesoon Hod Hasharon”. It wasn’t our first time there, but it was certainly our last. Our coupon value was 60 nis each without the lunch deals. So we both took one dish without any addition. I asked for the dried red chili’s beef and asked specifically that the dish will not be sinking in gravy (they tend to). Itay asked for the Szechuan beef. Our dishes were almost identical except for the 3 dried chili’s in mine. It was swimming in gravy and I don’t like those mini corn cobs. We both agreed that for 30 nis it was an OK dish, but does not justify coming back. After that we went for an ice-cream in La-Gufra (G center, Kefar Saba). I took the Ferrero-roshe flavor. It didn’t taste so high quality but was sweet enough to make me happier!
On Saturday our parents came back. We made a late lunch with defrosted Ostrich fillets, artichokes and ready made gnocchi. I’ve made a mustard-soy vinegar for the artichokes but it went better with the steaks. Tomato sauce was also a pantry simplest tomato sauce for pasta, I find them so useful and pretty good seasoned. I added to it some dried tomato paste and Parmesan cheese,  it tasted great with those tiny buttered gnocchi.
 I made one perfect “egg in the hole” (“hole in the bread”, “egg in the nest”… whatever the name is). Our adopted Jamie Oliver’s trick is to pour a small amount of boiling water on the pan as far away as possible from the egg and then putting a lid on. This action steams the top of the egg without having to flip it. Be careful not to soak the bread, it can get yakki.

I’ve also made a quick yellow dessert by fast cooking an apple (see this post about it), crumbled a butter cookie over and scooped a banana ice-cream on top. Of course, some maple syrup is required.

Sunday and Monday at San-Disk offices there was a Pelephone event that we had nothing to do with. Yet, Itay and I enjoyed the free Yogurt stand. The fruits were frozen but it was overall a refreshing breakfast (and lunch).
The best Yogurt ice-cream toppings combination in my opinion is something I ate in Tamara yogurt (Ben-Yehuda corner of Gordon streets) over a year ago, but still remember it as the best one: It was fresh figs with Silan (date honey), and unseasoned Thini paste. Yes!!

Monday I went with Gilad to have lunch at Eden Teva market (G center). They have great lunch deals, discovered it thanks to Safta Jean (Who thought of eating in a supermarket?). Everything’s Organic there, which does not impress me that much. This 20 nis burger was of good value even though there wasn’t any pickles or mayo. Why not?

Tuesday was a mess due to my cat being sick. We took him to the vet few times and he made a lot of mess around the house. After the vet gave him some painkillers I could finally have some decent dinner. Mom and I tossed a chicken breast with onions and fennel. A bit garlic, soy, spice mix from Morocco and sweet and spicy red sauce. I’ve made a quick Polenta with milk, butter, Parmesan and salt. Together it just hit the spot (of course there was also wine involved).

Yesterday we said goodbye to Tamir in the office so we went to eat lunch in Black Bar and Burger. I took a pic of the first course potato fried dumplings. Overall it was OK, Tamir likes it and this is the reason we went there, otherwise I try to avoid this place.

Later in the evening I picked up Adi from the train station and we went to eat Indian food in Chandra (Yad Charutzim, Tel Aviv).  She had Coupons for their Thali dish. We tried just about everything there was to try. The full rice was not cooked well and the vegetable curry wasn’t that good also. I ate veg dumplings with tomato-coconut sauce, was weird in the not so good way. The dall (lentils soup) and the spinach with sweet potato were nice and Adi said that the chicken ticka with sauce was fine also. We thought this place may be a case of India returnees that decided to open a place during one of many moments of finding themselves while they’re high.
After that we felt like having some Ice-cream, so we went to Newe-Tzedek, picked up Chen from her new home (Congrats!) and all met with Ira in Anita’s Ice-cream place. I truly recommend this place. They make a very good quality Ice-cream with great combinations. I took the carrot-orange (awesomeness!) and Carmel-cookies. Yam yam.
Conclusion of the week: eating is good.
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5 Responses to What I ate the past week

  1. irka says:

    What is amazing that after all that food you still look great:)

  2. snowPi says:

    ג'יזס את כל זה אכלת???

    איפה אני הייתי ???

  3. Mashav says:

    Thanks Ira 😛 I try to balance it with dancing a lot.

    Shy, I sat with you in the ha'Miznon (but didn't eat anything but the free salads). Prepare yourself to be in a future post (after the Kisheria, and who knows what else!).

  4. Anonymous says:

    פוסט משגע כרגיל:) חן

  5. Mashav says:

    thanks hon!

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