Lia and Pablo bought Nachman two coupons to use in El-Gaucho so we went there this Friday afternoon, all four of us. Prices are pretty expensive and we didn’t want to exceed too much from the 260 nis we had by coupons. We ordered the 400gr boneless asado, recommended and specially cooked over coals for 4 hrs! (The best value in the menu for 109 nis) but surprisingly it was missing this day (or ever?) so we went for the 400gr asado with bones (99 nis), two portions, and a side dish of bonfire potato (17 nis).
We received everything on the center over burning coals. Though we thought for 17 nis portion of potato it’s reasonable to get two pieces, it turned out the waitress ordered two portions of potato, one potato each.

I can’t tell for sure but it seemed a little less then the 800gr of meat we ordered… It came with salad as a first course and some onions on top.
The asado itself, mom thought was cut too thin and wasn’t cooked like asado should (long time) but rather like a steak, small steak. The potato was undercooked (and overpriced).
We had to ask for everything that’s pretty trivial: salad dressing, chimichury sauce, black pepper.. It was a lot better with chimichury, especially the tasteless potato.
For dessert we took one chocolate and one apple pie. They were actually not bad but it seems to have been brought from some external supplier and heated on the spot. Maybe it’s a good thing. The pies were our favorite part of the meal.
The middle was liquid chocolate: 
We know this one from 9 beach bar. Generic but comforting.

We finished fast and ordered the bill (which was miscalculated as if we took the boneless asado that they didn’t even have, but they fixed it and we only added 40 nis + tip). We then went back home for a Friday Siesta.

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