Ishay had a birthday so we had a little get together to celebrate, with Shir and Anat. We bought him shelves unit from Ikea and a really bad birthday card. We went to Ramat Hachayal so that Shir will not cry about parking issues. We sat at Habarzel 34, called after it’s address. It was a Tuesday night and I forgot to reserve a place. I was afraid we will not have place, because I read that the place functions as a bar at night and as a busy quick hightech style lunch place in the lunchtime. But there wasn’t any problem with free tables we could have selected nearly any table. The waiter was welcoming and nice. They’ve got eclectic menu one might say. We decided to split one fried squid rings dish and everyone took a main course as well. The waiter warned us that we will eat the squid so fast that it’s best to receive the mains together with the firsts. It was a weird remark.
The fried squid (32 nis) was reviewed as too chewy in an older post of someone but I found it very soft and tender. They learned not to kill it to our delight. Unfortunately the pepper aioli dipping sauce tasted quite bad. Didn’t complement the squid at all. Good thing there was lemon to squeeze instead. It wasn’t such a small dish as the waiter implied and it might be the best dish of the evening.
tender squid, bad dipping sauce

I didn’t picture any of the others’ main courses, but in few words, Anat got her burger (48 nis) dried (she asked for mid-well and got well-done). The fries were good though. ‘H’ (anonymous) got the Vietnamese rice (45 nis) with chicken and after two bites couldn’t eat it even though she was so hungry. The waiter was glad to replace it to the same dish I ordered. She is not the person to return dishes frequently, important to say. I also tasted it and it was just boring to my opinion. Ishay took the seafood noodles (45 nis) which was a big dish, mostly consists of noodles but with some coconut sauce and some seafood. It was not bad but Ishay is a beginner with sea foods. I think that he liked it overall (correct me if otherwise). I took the gnocchi with entrecote (47 nis). It was home made gnocchi with cream sauce, black pepper, mushrooms and small pieces of beef. It was OK. The cream sauce was strong in flavor and partly disguised the dullness of the gnocchi themselves. They had a good texture, not too heavy and smooth in the mouth but just lacked any flavor on their own. For the price I guess you can’t expect more then that.
bag pic, I forgot my cam, sorry
The bill was received and we even left a message about the music being bad (Miri-Masika-kill-yourself style):
We went out to check the new Italian ice-cream in YOGO. We had coupons for that specific ice-cream. The girl there was super nice, smiling and generous, the way I like them. They have two flavors of the new Italian soft ice-cream: Vanilla cookies and Belgian chocolate. We were given a small taste. They both tasted a bit like american ice-cream, very soft. The vanilla reminded me of the vanilla flavored “Dani” (factory pudding). So I went for the chocolate. It was possible to mix any topping which was the fun part. I took brownies, cherries and figs that are now on season. Excellent fruits.
It was fun, a bit too sweet for me but Israelis love their ice-cream too sweet anyways. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the coupon I would have taken the classic yogurt which has a more subtle flavor. It costs just like the yogurt ice-cream (15/18/29 nis, this was the 18 nis cup, enough for a person, even too much!)

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  1. ishay says:

    now I am the sea-food master!

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