This Sunday I started my group French classes. It’s in a room of a school in the Old north of Tel-Aviv, Herzelia’s Gymnasium. It started out fine, I made it to level 2 of the French College because I took some private lessons last month. But still I find it very difficult to listen to an audio conversion and understand what’s going on, even after some repetitions. Arg.. It’s a vocabulary thing, or a lack of it to be honest. So I have less then a month before my landing in Paris and I’m excited and anxious at the same time. That’s a story for a different post.
Anyway, I figured the class is over 9PM and I will most likely be hungry after 3 hrs of studying. I was glad when Itay proposed that we’ll go to eat something later that evening. We found a deal for that evening only at Meatbar and Itay reserved a place in the balcony. He then called to change that for a table inside (kinda sticky outside now, not to mention the smokers in the balcony). We arrived at 9:30 and found out they didn’t change the order to a table inside, but the hostess was very kind and offered us a table inside anyway. We ended up sitting in the middle, where there’s a semi-closed balcony, air-conditioned but without smokers. Itay talked about the good burgers they have and ordered the classic burger (62 nis). He totally dig it, portion size wise and flavor wise. I took the other “burger” option, the Wine Burger (78 nis): 

That was actually not a hamburger because it was served without the bun, veg, etc. 300 gr of chopped meat topped with a red wine and mushroom sauce and a marrow bone beside it. It came with a side dish of fries that I asked to change with Puree of potatoes.  

I was very pleased with this dish. It was made as I asked, red inside and juicy. The sauce was excellent and it all went together well. It was also a rather large dish. Itay started eating long after I did and he had to wait quite a while for me to eat the whole thing. The Puree was also good but not out of the ordinary. I soaked it in the wine sauce. For desert I cleared all the marrow from the bone with some salt. It’s fatty of course but tastes amazing. 
The coupon we had covered the bill precisely and the service was very pleasing and professional. 

Monday morning, still recovering from the last night’s meat digestion I met with Safta Lia at Arcafe in our neighborhood and we drank a coffee and split one Almond Croissant. I had to post about it because I love that croissant. It’s perfect: filled with almond paste, soft and gooey inside, crunchy outside topped with toasted almonds and icing sugar. In one word: BEWARE 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    קראסון שקדים של ארקפה – מושלם.


  2. Anonymous says:

    הוא באמת מדהים! מממ בא לי אחד עכשיו:)))


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