Wow this week passed by so fast. I was so busy organizing everything before leaving to Paris. I know I ate somethings this week but I don’t remember when I ate what.

How to deal with leftovers? There are several options. We are not the throwing away kind. My dad has an unexplained urge to make an omlette out of everything butI don’t like thisย habit. So I had to be faster and make some creative leftover dishes to avoid that. There were quite a lot of leftovers from my last meal, making a quiche always makes everything a lot more tempting. I made a leftovers quiche. It had all kinds of things inside.ย Vegetables, cheese, bacon, pesto ๐Ÿ™‚


no one can resist a smell of a fresh quiche



I wanted to take a section pic but the guys here attacked the poor thing until this was all that was left

The next leftover quiche was actually a pie, with all the white chocolate sauce that was left and the peaches.

and also leftover dough

Order is important

the chocolate sauce with egg and some more flour

Oopsi I burned it a little

The section



Another evening we ate an all-time favorite paprika-oven-chicken

looks like he has a vest

really great Yogev wine

Sweet potatoes, carrots and onions to take the flavours

My quarter chicken

There was one afternoon that Dror came from Haifa’s Market with fresh fish and shrimp and made us a nice lunch

With butter and cilantro

Saturday family brunch at our place

The last bread from the bread maker - semolina-yogurt

The famous tseziki

tomatoes salad

Lali brought great cheese from Tiv-Taam and Lia brought cheese from abroad

another cheese platter

herbs french soft cheese

Cava, of course

And another evening we had oven bones of pork with some meat on them,ย Flintstonesย style

It was hard to get rid of the pork's blood smell

And the final weird thing we had this week is another one of Dror surprises from the market. We had two small monk fish. Thanks Dror, It was unique.

This is how we got them.

hello little fella

flat heads

In to the pan, they look like they're swimming

some pesto and voila!

Most of the meat is on the tail

Fun week indeed.

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4 Responses to A week of eating in

  1. ื“ื’-ืžืคืœืฆืช

  2. Alon says:

    The next cheese plate I want to see pictures, is from here

  3. Ericka says:

    wow. all those dishes looked beautiful and delicious. the chicken, yum! the peach quiche, yum! the monk fish looks insane. Thats the scary fish on Finding Nemo (don’t know if you know that movie)

  4. Sharin says:

    The quiche looks great!
    The fish looks really scary!!!

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