This is a simple yet delicious dish. I wanted to use breast of duck for it but couldn’t find any. Apparently all these things are not easy to find in Israel. I ended up taking two breasts of goose. There’s hardly any fresh goose meat so I had to settle for good quality frozen meat. Started out with the peaches. I chose the firm ones and bleached them to peel. It was harder then peeling the tomatoes for the terrine. In the end there was only one misfortune casualty.

Bleaching peaches

ready to be thinly sliced

After sliced I placed them in a closed container with the marination liquids: white wine vinegar and vermouth dry (martini).

sliced and put into a marinade

left aside for now

Making the goose: The breasts were brought to room temperature  and then braised in their own fats. My cat got crazy from the scent of the braising meat, He jumped around asking (and getting of course) his fair share.

Fat side down, slowly melting some of it's fat, then scooped over the other side of it to braise

just a second over the other side to get the nice color

set aside to rest

Thinly slice the breasts, trying to keep the fat layer intact

Almost entirely rare

waiting for the plating time


A fan of peaches


Two slices of meat with some of the marinade liquids on

green salad on top and some grated mozzarella


all set to serve!

My guests were told they could eat the fat layer but don’t have to. The juices and the sweetness of the peaches were very complementary to the goose meat, which had delicate but unique meat flavor.

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2 Responses to Dish #6: Peach Carpaccio, Braised Breast of Goose

  1. Nachman says:

    it’s a peach for pete’s sake not an apricot!!!

  2. Mashav says:

    you’re right, my mistake, fixed it! thanks

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