Time for the dessert, after one exhausting  meal. I made a pastry-cake and served a slice with chocolate cream and fresh cherries.

First, the making of the white chocolate cream:

Started with a roux of butter and flour

added cream and milk each step and pushed it in the roux

until becomes creamy

slow process



added 2 packs of white chocolate

more liquids

orange zest

orange liqueur

ready to use

Second thing is the almond butter to be put inside the pastry

Ground white almonds

with butter

icing sugar

egg yolks, almond extract

blended together to a smooth hummus-like texture

Making the Pastry

I used ready-made puff pastry, dusted the pie mold


cover thight the pie mold

Clean pears from seeds

pears go great with almonds

sliced thinly

Almond butter on the base of the pastry

arrange the pears over nicely

Cover with another layer of pastry

decorate with pastry and almonds, then brush with egg

To the oven, until golden

 Plating: I had a mess with the cherries. I bought 1kg of cherries in the market but forgot them in the back of the car. When I came to realize it, the car was already gone with my grandma to some place and I got them only that night. It was a super hot day. They were a mess! I bought new little pack in the supermarket.. just to have two cherries each plate. Too bad!

The cherries has to be clean and ready, the chocolate sauce should be heaten

I flipped the pastry with the help of two large plates to loosen from the mold

A bed of chocolate sauce with two cherries

a slice of the pastry cake

Wow... so gooey inside

Well, this was the final note of my 7 dish dinner. It was my first attempt to make this kind of cake and it came out great. I think that the one thing I felt wasn’t 100% in this dessert is that it didn’t balance like I wished. I felt it was too sweet and not enough tart. It had the acidity from the fruits but it needed something more. I’m not sure how I can accomplish that. Nonetheless it was still a success in my eyes. The dinner has finished, everyone was full and happy. I really enjoyed this experience and I hope everyone who took part had fun as well. Next time is gonna be completely different! I already have new ideas 🙂

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3 Responses to Dish #7 – Almond and pears pastry, white chocolate cream, cherries.

  1. Irit says:

    לא אכלתי רק טעמתי – מדהים
    ואלו שכן אכלו – גמרו הכל מהר!

  2. Sharin says:

    The cake was the great finale of the great gourmet dinner, thank you mashav!

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