One month passed since I’m in Paris and two weeks since I started Ferrnadi. I already have this routine of: waking up, put the makineta on the stove, walk to the metro station, go to the locker room, change to uniforms, go to kitchen, arrange mise en place, divide vegetables, watch a demo of today’s recipe, make soup, rush around plating time, cleaning very fast, go to lunch, get lost in the hallways of school trying to find the classroom for our theory class, go home, eat soup for dinner with monday’s cakes, write a new post, learn tomorrow’s recipe, do the dishes, go to sleep..

I’m apparently very happy with how things going on. With my group, with my Chefs, my apartment, my creations. I’m absorbing now, doing everything as the recipe, ridiculous as it may seem to me, like why should we peel mushrooms? (but everything has a reason which make sense in my head). I’m very excited with the whole concept of having cooking study books, gastronomy dictionary, theory classes about wine, tradition of food, and even our French class is essentially about food.

In the middle of class can sometines zoom out to realize that I’m sitting in a class room with a professor, who’s quizzing me about what to put in the pot after the vegetables have sweaten. It’s totally surreal, as if out of a dream. One day I was a bit down but most of the time I’m very happy. I enjoy the process itself, what comes out in the end is a treat but not what’s most important. I like taking pictures and writing. I like reading your comments and get input and so on.

I do learn a lot, from the foundations of cooking, to the presentation. Doing something for the first time makes me very excited. I’m also glad that I can physically handle it better than I thought. I imagined I would work hard and carry things around all day and stand for long time straight and return home in bad shape, just wanting to sleep and nothing else. It may be the situation on the internship but for now it’s not as tiring as I thought, I walk out of school awake, energetic, doing stuff after/before class. My mussels are not that aching (for now).

A lot is coming up and I’m amazed how quickly we are progressing. yesterday and today we had the most important and basic lessons about stocks (and soon ,glace and demi glace), tomorrow we’ll make the famous crab bisque!

à demain!




9 Responses to Two weeks that feels like one day and a whole year all together

  1. Doda Lally says:

    It’s so wounderful to read this post that I almost cried from happiness 🙂

  2. Ema says:

    Great post
    אהבתי איך שהעברת את החויה היומיומית שלך באופן כל כך ברור וממש הרגשתי את התחושות

    אני מבינה גם את חוית ה”ללכת עם המורים” עד הסוף ללמוד מהם כמה שרק אפשר ולהניח את העצמיות שלך בצד (בי”ס לארכיטקטורה אותו דבר)
    BUT…….Peeling Mushrooms – makes sense!!!

  3. Nachman says:

    so, why do you peal the mushrooms?

  4. Shlomo says:

    Great writing. It really does give the feeling of what you’re experiencing.

    (Made me think of Harry Potter by the way. Everything there was like in the “normal” world but all about magic, and everything in your Ferrnadi is like in the “normal” world but all about food)

  5. Sharin says:

    Mashavi, very interesting post about your life! I am very glad you like it 🙂

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