To continue my story about the exam day, I went to a really special dinner party at Yoshi’s with amazing food and company. Conveniently located few minutes walk from school, I carried my Navarin with my bruised fingers and reached Yoshi’s place. Unfortunately I was too tired to even help Arnel with all his amazing smelling cooking, I just watched him while drinking more and more wine.

Vietnamese pork fried spring roll “Nem”:

Pork chinese dumplings:

Yellow Curried Chicken:

How’s my Navarin fitting in the middle?

There was also a Galette de rois and a Bottle of Vodka that Chantelle brought

The cooked dumplings finally:

Chantelle under the table choosing each piece of the cake to whom it may served (the tradition)

Yuanjing won the crown, she is the queen of the Galette.

Thanks everyone!

For more pics from this evening, here.

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  2. Annelies De Smet via Facebook says:

    Thats soo cool ! I didnt know you have a blog 🙂 !

  3. Gosh, that food was sooo good. I love the photo of you dressed up as cheese btw! So cute x

  4. haha thanks, that’s one of my specialties :O

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