I have collected some recent and some pretty ancient pictures of meals I had at home in my little studio. Most are creations made from school’s leftovers and stuff I brought home, mix and matched and served, well, to me, eaten all by mainly me. I will try to remained you and myself where it was originally from with some links.

Macarons and bread, 3 piping bags filled with chocolate macaron fillings.

Leeks that I cooked slowly with butter.

I remember that crazy chicken!

The second chicken – à la anciene.

Some yummy sashimi dinner.

And all the fish that couldn’t be eaten raw anymore was pan fried.

With some shrimp and a sauce glaze that I can’t remember which.


That night I came home with two chickens..

That other day, dad came to visit me, he had 6 hours in Paris but only three after getting stuck on the way from the airport. I showed him how kind is my fridge. He had two kinds of pork, blanquette de veau, and a huge macaron. So he had all three of the dishes in this post.

I had this pork for dinner too many nights until it was finished.

Missing Israeli food, I made Majadra with cubes of tomato and tehini.

That was the best restaurant service doggy bag (but hard to carry home):


Re-making at home the delicious Chevreuil dish with everything. It tasted so good.

Spaghetti with ham and squid legs

Salad with green beans and dried tomatoes, stuffed squid and osso buco.

More squid, I had a lot of that and still some in the freezer.

Carapaccio with foie gras, balsamic vinegar and fig jam.

Pork and pineapple from all the last day at school  leftovers.
The best part of the pork: sweet and sour ribs. Delicious.
I also had some of the pasta dough I made for the dumplings so I rolled it out and cut some linguine, fresh with butter, parmesan and Jambon, all from leftovers including the butter.
Sirloin with lemon butter and vegetables.
This is what I made from filet of beef and leftover tart dough and some more foie gras – Beef Wellington!
Was quite nice but hard to pan cook it instead of using the oven because the dough was too raw inside and too burnt outside.
With Andree’s extra tart shell donated to me, white chocolate filling and almond cream I made this nice tart and topped with slices of fresh pineapple.
Andreea’s shell was very good and I was surprised how well this combination came together.
With some more of the dumpling dough (which, by the way, contained duck fat), I tried to pull noodles myself but it turned out to be snakes noodles. Added some bacon, brie and lamb and citrus mixture I took from Barbara’s Petits Patés filling leftover.
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7 Responses to Food At Home

  1. Elisheva says:

    I love seeing how you prepare your food for yourself like a chef!
    What are you going to do now in your internship without leftovers?! or do you get to take leftovers from the restaurant’s

    • Nachman says:

      the meticulous preparation for a meal alone sounds to me more like a disorder – maybe a form of OCD… “normal” people grab something from the fridge and eat it while the fridge door is still open! I think. But, I could be wrong…???

    • Mashav says:

      Yes OCD and the fact i have nothing that can be “grabbed and eaten” as is. Maybe I should buy some easy food for grabbing now.

  2. Nachman says:

    this is a great post (and not only because it includes a photo of me)! I like the links to the lessons and the credits to the suppliers of the leftovers. Aren’t they sorry they gave it up after they see what you did with it?

    also, it seems that in recreating the dishes from class or creating variations you are multiplying the learning experience to the max!! good job!

    and a tip to the other readers – if you have a few hours to spare in Paris – visit Mashav (and her fridge) 😉 it’s totally worth it!

  3. Ema Irit says:

    זה היה אחד מהפוסטים הכי חמודים לראות איך את ממשיכה בבית ובעיקר ממציאה אוכל מאוכל

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