I’m back in Paris. Had a really nice holiday week in the city and on the way back from Tel Aviv I had a stop-over in Vienna, where I spent just a few hours between flights and froze my ass off.

The feeling I got from the short time spending there is that they love their Mozarts chocolates.

Also found a huge size Toblerone bar

Was just before Chirtmas day so the Christmas Market was at its peak. Many sugary goods but I couldn’t figure out these white cones with chocolate melting on it.

Stopped to eat shrimps but they were horrible.

Back in Paris, Christmas craze was high as well, Marche de Noel just about every corner, offering the same things: a mix of sugars and fats wrapped in lights and sparkles. Some of the things I saw in these markets:

Good amount of my time I spent checking out museums that I still hadn’t got a chance to see (most of them). Took special notice to food related arts. Tried to take pictures of some of them when it was allowed, the quality is bad obviously due to how hard it is to picture a painting and the height some of them were. Hope you can see how brilliant they are. If not, a trip to Paris museums would have to be considered. Also sorry for not adding credits for each painting..

Seafood richness

The brioche

Fish market

Special feast

A rabbit and a bird hanged over bread, butter and wine bottles.

The woman comes back from shopping

The cat and dog joining the dinner

Are they eating quail?

Someone has just brought home a huge skate, fish and oysters and the cat just couldn't help himself

Old times picnic, notice the plate with two small animals, could be guinea pig or something like this?

Bernard Buffet's fish

And a whole corpse hanging

Days when it was hart to find the next meal

Tea time with cats


The vegetables look so real!

The other side of the same painting

Small meals I made to myself from food I went and bought in the supermarket (a weird concept after I almost never had to buy food for myself in Paris).


Gnocchi with cucumber, goat cheese and salmon

Fresh pineapple with tiramisu

Beautiful Paris:

That’s it, I had a lot to rest and now it’s time to go back to school, not for long before it ends.

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3 Responses to Paris and Vienna Christmas Break

  1. Nachman says:

    I noticed that many of the paintings had cats in them… is that true in general in Paris museums? or only in paintings of food? or only in the ones that you noticed more?

  2. EMA IRIT says:

    גם אני עד היום לא שמתי לב כמה הרבה חתולים יש בציורים מעניין אם זה קטע צרפתי או כלל אירופאי.
    אהבתי את שילוב התמונות הכללי שכלל את מהלך הימים והחויות שלך בחופש.
    וגם אהבתי את מבחר הקרמבויים

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