I love Asian food, Asian supermarkets and products. I used my free day to go to China town in Paris. I’ve been there several times already but this time I went prepared, with the whole day open and my shopping cart. I went inside three supermarkets and checked out all the items. I bought some goodies, though I tried to to exaggerate, it was hard. The selection is huge and the prices are fairly low so I did spend few hours there just shopping.

Arranging the mushrooms in bags

Some weird stuff

I took one of these rice dough filled with pork wrapped in banana leaf

If you have any doubt how much is the mango

Just the basics of everything

If you're Parisian you know these fountains, usually green. In China town it's painted red 🙂

After shopping, stopped for lunch. It was a warm day, very warm so I didn't want to take the huge soup bowl of pho.

Instead I took the second popular dish - rice noodles with salad, meat and crunchy eggroll

It wasn't like the soup... The soup is a way better option.

Not satisfactory

Gladly I came back with my shopping, spread it on the table for a picture shoot: 

Proteins and vegetables

Dry pantry products and tools

I started cooking straight away obviously. I didn’t buy a wok there because I thought I have no space for it  but I do regret it, it’s not easy to stir-fry in this regular pan..

Turnip, onions, bak choy, pork balls

yum yum

I made something similar the next day, with garlic and black beans sauce

Using my mandolin, looking for anything else around the kitchen to slice very thinly


Now I can steam dumplings in my bamboo steamer

Eaten with a lettuce with raisins and cashew salad

And of course the banana wrapped rice dough

The goodness inside. The banana leaf secreted its oil that gave it a unique flavor

Soft tofu with black beans sauce and Chinese green beans for breakfast

Two weeks after, I’m out of stock and I must go back there! Join me only if you have patience…


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2 Responses to Visit To China Town

  1. Ema Irit says:

    כל כך הרבה ארוחות שונות ושונות
    סופט טופו – כבר לא מוצאים כאן…כל כך חסר לי ארוחות הטופו שלנו …וגם את כל שאר ירקות צריך ללכת לתחנה מרכזית…..אהבתי RANDOM….
    את האלמט החדש של הבלוג

  2. Nachman says:

    i want to come with you… i can spend all day in China town…

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