Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday. The 26th year of my life had been one of the greatest so far and I’m very happy I decided to share some of it with you. I am so thankful for my parents for supporting me financially and mentally throughout this year in Paris. Attending a culinary school in Paris had been an amazing experience. I learned so much, not only cooking. Well, a lot about cooking but also about what it takes to leave everything and start a new life in a different country, culture, language… Having no friends and family with me made me learn how to connect with new people (not my strongest suite). It started out poorly but ended up a big success. The French language had also been a big challenge but I feel I have accomplished a lot. Keeping my blog alive almost everyday improved my writing skills, taking pictures and editing posts made me a better blogger and photographer. Oddly enough, I feel my English improved very much as well, mainly in the first months before I could speak any French and my class mates were all English speakers.

I experienced many things for the first time this year. First time I separated the heads off live lobsters, plucked a pigeon, peeled a whole bag of tiny baby shrimps, first time I baked a baguette, had wine and oysters for breakfast and learned to open them by myself, tasted a 40 euro “Bresse” chicken,tried to eat pretty much everything in its raw form, first time I worked in a restaurant: as a cook and as a waitress (one day was enough). I tried so many new dishes, had a lot of foie gras, drunk so much wine and learned to appreciate it better, went to dozens of restaurants, took part in many weird events like “Metro Parties“, street parties and a huge pillow fight, met people from all over the world, made dozens of friends and I even learned how to pee in an alley in the middle of the night. I have grown a lot as a person this year. It was a fun, challenging, frustrating at times, exciting, exhausting, fulfilling, extraordinary and inspiring year. I could not ask for a better year than this one. I loved it.

What I’m about to do now is a question I still can not answer to myself. I’m sure that I want to keep cooking, probably not full time though. I love writing about food, experimenting with new ingredients and experiencing new cuisines. It would probably take a while to find exactly what to do but I’m thinking about it.

Some of my friends and family asked me what I want to receive as a present for my birthday. Well, I spend a whole week trying to fit my closet with stuff I bought – I have too much stuff. Yet, I’m still planning on buying some essential things for my cooking.

This is why I created my Wish List in amazon. You can see it here.

It’s some of the things I feel I want to have to make good food in an unprofessional kitchen like vacuum sealer and water circulator to cook sous-vide, some other small stuff and the big item there is the famous book: Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of CookingInstead of trying to explain why I want to have it, I invite you to watch the book “trailer” here:


Amazing, isn’t it??

It costs 450$ and after that I have to figure out how to get it back to Israel little by little (it’s 20 kg!).

If you want to buy me a present for my birthday, this is what I want and I’ll be happy to receive any amount of money to sponsor the purchase of this book and the other items in my wish list.

If you choose to do so please click on the button:


Select the amount of money you wish to transfer to my Paypal account. You can also add a comment with a specific purpose for the money. If you don’t have a Paypal account, it’s also possible and secure to use a credit card.

As well as making me very happy with the gift, you also help me be a better semi-professional home cook and maybe someday get to try the result of my cooking.


By the way, I will keep updating my wish list and keep the “Donate” button in the left corner of the blog’s home page. If you like my blog and want to support me feel free to show your appreciation with comments, likes, shares and donations.

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4 Responses to It’s My Birthday!! Want to get me a gift?

  1. Alon says:

    Happy birthday Mashav!
    It was a fascinating experience to read this blog throughout the last year, and I had lots of fun imagining the taste of all these French delicacies.
    Waiting to read what will come next…

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