Sashimi is such a delicious light meal.

It’a also a great way to practice and improve your filleting and knife skills.

We have just celebrated Rosh H’ashanah, the holiday of new Jewish calender year, which is identified with eating a head of a fish that symbolizes the beginning of the year. This is the reason I got a really good price for this salmon tail.


What’s wrong with being a tail? I filleted, pin boned and skinned it

It was enough for two meals!!

First half I sliced to thin stripes and left it whole like this

From the edges and leftovers I made a small spicy-salmon salad with chilly and mayonnaise

Dipped in wassabi and soy sauce

The second part of the tail I cut and arrange in the shape of a flower

In the middle a small decoration and also a light salad – carrot and cucumber julienne with chives

A more interesting dipping sauce that I like is: Soy sauce, rice vinegar, chilly oil (or fresh chopped chilly), sugar, sesame oil and sesame seeds. If you can add some fresh ginger shreds and garlic it’s also recommended.

Some other day we got this beautiful yellow tail from Dror – perfect for sashimi.

It’s smaller than usual, meaning more work of cleaning for me but I coped.

My cat was thrilled about this dinner. Jumped up and down until he got some delicious skin.

After making sure there aren’t any scales, I took off the head and separated the two fillets off the main backbone

Tasting a bit while working, just to make sure everything is normal.

Removing the skin and pin bone the fish

Here’s a movie from school teaching how to cut Sashimi:


Arranged as a fan on the plate

Family size dish

Another salad decoration on top

Another short Sashimi video:

Read more about the basics of dealing with fish from school with some more cool videos here and here.

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