It’s been several weeks since the last February Dinner, and it was about time for the next event. This weekend I had organized, cooked and hosted dinner for open crowd once again. The concept of these evenings is simple: giving you the opportunity to taste my cookings, inspired each time by the season and mood, while engaging at a dinner party hosting 12 unfamiliar people, in a unique evening which combines the excitement of new flavors and a completely different type of social event. Each event consists of two similar consecutive evenings, 12 guests per evening. They meet, sometimes for the first time and often find a connection between them, sit down to a tasting menu dinner  journey, composed fully by me, cooked and served by a small and friendly hosting crew.


Saturday night guests and crew

I love to see the reaction of guests tasting a product for the first time or trying again something they previously believed they dislike and now changed their minds. I also enjoy the whole process of figuring out the new menu, combining textures and flavors in my mind, then imaging how it would taste like together. I like trying new dishes, techniques and ingredients that I never tried before. Then I’m going to the market to buy the ingredients and when I’m in the market I’m the most happy person I can possibly be. I’m gradually learning about managing a crew and organizing the tasks for prep time and service time, and enjoy this process as well. It’s still a big challenge to pull each one of these evenings but I find it pleasurable and love the accomplishments and improvements from one night to the next.

This is me, Explaining about a dish I guess

This is me, Explaining about a dish I guess

I hope my guests enjoyed as much as I did, and hope to see you next event (which will take place in the end of May). To subscribe for the mailing list (be the first to know details about future events!) enter your e-mail address in the “Subscribe” section at the right toolbar of this page. In the meanwhile you’re welcome to browse through the pictures, brought to you this time by three talented photographers-guests: Nachman, Yoav and Yulia who took a total of more than 700 (!) pictures. I love the pictures, thank you so much! I chose some 40 pictures for this post but many more can be found in the EatingCookingFooding Facebook page albums: 5-6 April Dinner EventsPeople and Behind The Scenes. Please visit and LIKE my page!

And for my guests – thank you all for coming and here is where you comment and tell everyone how was this experience from your point of view.

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13 Responses to April 2013 Dinner

  1. When is the next occasion? I’m in (+1).

  2. Around the end of May. Subscribe to my site and / or like my FB page for updates 🙂

  3. Mashav says:

    Avital Elharrar said (copied from Facebook comment):

    טוב, הייתי חייבת להגיב פשוט כי זו הייתה חוויה- פשוטו כמשמעו. מי שמכיר אותי יודע שאני ממש לא אכלנית גדולה מבחינת הכמויות,הכוונה. אבל אוכל טוב אני אוהבת בהחלט ולנסות דברים וטעמים חדשים בפרט. משב שהיא אדם מדהים (הכרתיה דרך בעלי) ובשלנית בחסד- מסתבר, הכירה לי דרך ארוחה בעלת 9 מנות אילו מטעמים נהדרים אפשר להכין ואילו שילובים נהדרים אפשר ליצור מטעמים שונים מכל מיני ארצות.אני חייבת לציין גם את קוקטייל הפתיחה שהדהים אותי(פירות אדומים אלא מה) ואת היין הנהדר שליווה את הארוחה וגרם לי לצאת מעט מבושמת אבל אני חייבת לציין שוב שהרבה זמן לא אכלתי ארוחה שבה נהניתי כ”כ ואני ממליצה בחום!!!!!!! בלי שום קשר החברה גם היתה נהדרת,אנשים איכותיים וישבתי ליד עירית0אמה של משב- שהיא בכלל אדם מאוד מעניין ובעלת חוש הומור.תודה רבה משב על ערב נהדר שעברנו,מאמינה שמדברת גם בשם בעלי!!!

  4. Liked, looking for updates! 🙂

  5. Dror Hadadi says:

    I participated in the second evening of the two. I found it extremely enjoyable and actually much better than going out to a restaurant. The combination of the amazing food with great wine, a calm atmosphere which can only be achieved at home where you don’t feel the pressure to leave the restaurant as soon as you finish eating and great people made this whole event amazing for me.

    Looking forward to the next time already.

  6. Mashav says:

    Irit Solzi wrote (copied from Facebook):
    אז הפעם גם הייתי אורחת מין המניין!! ונהנתי מאוד!! הכיף הראשון והעיקרי כמובן הוא האוכל ובעקבות האוכל כל מי שיושב מסביב לשולחן נמצא שם.אולם לא נופלת מחוויה זו חווית החברה!
    רובם אנשים שמעולם לא פגשתי ונהנתי להכיר אותם טיפה לשמוע עליהם ואותם וזה כיף מיוחד מאוד ומפתיע.
    תודה משב וכל הצוות!

  7. Shir says:

    This dinner (Saturday) was my third time to Mashav’s awesome dinners. What can I say, I’m ‎hooked! They definitely keep getting better and better. Everything was excellent and just ‎right in terms of quantity. I enjoyed the whole thing but my favorite dish was the Thai chicken ‎which had the best sauce ever. The guests were all very nice and were great conversation. ‎And the fact that Mashav remembered my birthday (and organized candles and singing) ‎even though she was working so hard all day and the day before just goes to show what a ‎hostess (and friend) she is. ‎

  8. ishay says:

    I was a guest on Saturday’s dinner, and the dinner really exceeded my expectations. the evening was a series of peaks, and each dish had something special and delicious about it. I especially liked the combination of the almond cookie with duck liver, the korean dish – which was definitley new to me, and the desserts which were a perfect fit for my sweet tooth.
    the company was great, the atmosphere was ideal, and Mashav’s talent for the culinary art made the evening an unforgettable experience,
    highly recommended

  9. Daniel says:

    On a Friday evening relaxed an comfortable atmosphere, the courteously served dishes were all diverse, aesthetic, tempting all the right senses and …..delicious!
    Mashav’s comments to each dish were interesting and added to the whole culinary experience.
    A delectable and enjoyable experience that we look forward to repeating.

  10. Sharin & Roy says:

    Thank you kindly, for a wondrous time, your hospitality and most of all – the extraordinary nine-course dinner!
    The theme was meticulously designed, the house exotically decorated and the food – made with such passion and served with finesse.
    We shared the table with interesting company and discussed worldly matters as only one should – over a glass of exquisite red or white wine, served to us by the good-humored and charming Elise, who waited on our every whim.
    This great culinary experience is recommended to all food lovers!

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