This Saturday my father’s company had their office event party and invited me to do the catering. First time I made something like this on my own. There were 60 guests invited but I ended up making way too much food. Learning about the quantities is something that takes time I suppose. The night went smoothly, no surprises and disasters and the food came out just like I imagined. It took a lot of effort for not only myself but everyone who help (days of work like my dad, or even just a small favor from other people).

I love these kind of challenges, I had a hell of a time and I’m very pleased with the results.

If you’re one of the guests that took part in this party, I will really appreciate it if you click here, and write a personal testimonial of how you found the experience, I will mean a lot to me!



You’re probably asking what happened to all the leftovers. Well, not to worry, the following Sunday I put together a friends “Hafla” to take care of it. We’re still handling the rest 🙂


Special thanks to: Alon Tertman for taking all these beautiful pictures; Nachman, my dad, who was not only the client but also a sous-chef for four days in a row!; My mom for all the help; Sharon for making the bread for the salmon sandwiches and my wonderful crew for this event: Yael, Hanna, Hagar, Alice and Roni.

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3 Responses to ConteXtream FOA Cocktail Party

  1. Alon says:

    Lots of fun !

  2. Nachman says:

    Mashav, I loved working for you in the kitchen… let’s do it again soon!

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