We started going to Thai House on a regular basis lately. This time with a bunch of friends. We love it here but this time they completely missed the mark with the service. Our table, reserved ahead wasn’t available for more than 30 minutes since we arrived. Waiting outside we were treated with some glasses of sparkling wine and few shots of Arak. We think they were trying to make us drunk and forgivefull. It only partly worked because when we got inside we noticed our waitress was totally stressed out and confused. We were treated again with a bottle of wine to our liking. I chose Agur Kessem 2011 Judean Hills. There were numerous of confusions with our meal – the shake didn’t come out and when it did it wasn’t the correct one, the papaya salad was asked to be spicy but it wasn’t at all (“the peppers aren’t spicy this season”), and there was something with our main course we couldn’t understand what we got. All that said, the food does compensate. The dishes were all good in the end and we got so many (alcoholic) treats that we ended up really happy and not annoyed.

We had the Shrimp Patties – Tom Man Goung – Fried shrimp patties with a sweet and spicy sauce (32 ILS), excellent dish that I loved, the sauce was a bit commercial and I would preferred a home-made one. Then the papaya salad (32 ILS) that wasn’t spicy as requested. It was eventually sent back and got improved. My favorite dish of the evening was Kung cha naam plaa: special dish of Slightly poached shrimp with chili, mint and garlic (44 ILS). It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I loved it, too bad it was so small – only four shrimp.

Naam Tuk Neua Sliced beef roasted in traditional ”I-San” seasoning with mint leaves, purple onion, coriander, dry hot peppers & lime juice (68 ILS) was the second time we took that dish and very much liked it. Very spicy Indeed. Another dish we took from the specials menu was Pork in spicy sauce, basil and broad beans (80 ILS) It was okay but not one of the best here. Lav Plaa Crop (48 ILS) was a dish composed of three little cabbage cups filled with spicy minced fish, chili, red onion and mint. Too similar to the beef dish we took, but nice overall.

For dessert we got three (!) desserts on the house. One was sticky rice with banana which taste like it sounds. The other was the Tapioca dessert with coconut milk and fresh fruits and the last, and best of the three wasn’t on the menu – Popsicles of strawberry and coconut. A really suitable finish for a very spicy meal.


I think they just happen to have a bad night in the organization but they very much tried to do everything for us to feel better about the mistakes and leave happy. Nights like this can happen, I’m just glad they took the effort to make us feel welcome and happy. I know it worked for me!



תאריך ביקור: מרץ 2014

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