The first time we went to Adora was early after its opening and since then it’s one of my favorites in Tel-Aviv. This is the reason I was eager to join my parents to sort of a business Saturday lunch with a guest from abroad.
It was a sunny but not too hot afternoon so we sat outside, observing Ben-Yehuda street. Shared a bottle of wine and ordered some new and some good ‘ole unforgettable dishes.
The bread came fresh, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, with butter, fancy salt (never got that concept), tomato tapenade and garlic confit which I kept close to me.

Next thing arrived was not in the menu but specifically asked for – goose liver Baklava. This was the dish we had the first time going to Adora. Sort of a flag dish of the place. And well worth it. It was hard to split I admit (technically hard, I’m not such a pig!) but very well prepared with the crunch of the filo pastry, a sweetness of the honey and nuts and smoothness of the liver, pink inside.

The flag dish.  I would put that on a flag
 Recommended by the waitress was the eggplant falafel with yogurt and chives (38 nis). I’m not crazy about eggplant but I liked this dish. Our guest liked the salad.
 Next up was the veal brains on bruschetta (38 nis). Brain is always good for you (not for the cholesterol level but still). It was a summery dish and even though using an inside organ, it was refreshing and not heavy. The toasted bread was too buttery though.
 For the mains the three of us spit 3 dishes. First was the caramelized gnocchi (66) with porcini mushrooms and dark stock with cream. Funny but we thought it would fit perfectly in the desserts menu because it was sweet as hell. BUT I loved it and will defiantly take it again. The gnocchi were tender, moist and perfectly made. The mushrooms were meaty with deep flavor and the sauce made every bite feel like a deadly sin. The indulging kind. Hmmm…
Another dish well remembered was the Salmon with tomato, spinach and goat cheese wrapped in filo with champagne sauce. I didn’t even have to go look at the menu again to remember what was in it, for some reason this is burned in my memory. (Oopsi I had to look anyways to see the price: 76 nis ). I would say it’s good and interesting dish, not too complicated but well balanced. The sauce is a keeper.
And the filet of beef with truffle and demi glace sauce (79 nis). We usually don’t order beef filet but this one was done well without even asking us how we like it to be prepared. It was one of the simpler dishes on the menu. Maybe there was not enough sauce to taste the truffles, but it was not a disappointing dish at all.
For dessert we were so full so took only one to split. I chose the Zachar of cardamom and espresso (33 nis). To be honest, maybe it doesn’t look that appealing, but had a “tastegasm” effect. I’m not sure what was in it but there was some caramel triangles with two sauces on top, one of them I guess was the cardamom. It wasn’t a cliche dessert and surprisingly good.
We did ask to take with us what was left of the salmon and beef because the explosion of tummies level was high. Overall I had a great meal and was so happy I invited myself to it.
Ben-Yehuda 226, Tel Aviv
Phone #: 03- 6050896

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