I’m a declared carrot juice fan. It’s the most refreshing cheering and regret-less beverage. On a hot day after walking around the streets of Tel-Aviv, Carrot Juice really satisfies and saturates. And it can be found freshly squeezed practically every corner of the city center. Friday Mom and I were walking around second hand clothing shops in King George st. and then Shenkin st.. Shenkin has became famous for it’s fresh juices and fruit shakes so we stopped there and took one Carrot with Ginger cup. I don’t like the intensity of the ginger in a juice, but mom loves it. It was a big cup of 300ml that cost 17 nis! We found it rather expensive and the carrots were not even chilled, so it was served lukewarm. A bit later, we came across a place in the corner of King George st. with the following signs:

He keeps his carrots in the fridge which is good, and also the prices were lower, because it’s not the branded Shenkin st. juice bar. He really recommended to try the apple juice so I took a medium cup of carrot-apple juice (10 nis).
It was consumed very fast and the combination was nice. I usually take the carrot with 50% orange, for more acidity but the apples did that action as well. It was refreshing, and a cool combination. I very much recommend this cup of juice. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t as cold as one can expect from the signs. The carrots were in the fridge but I’m not sure for how long. Another tip is to ask the juicer to put in 1-2 spoons of the carrot fibers that they usually through away. Not everybody likes it but it’s healthier and gives it some volume.

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