We had a rather fishy weekend.

 Friday evening my cousins Rotem (11 years old) and Neta (5 years old) came with some fish to roll sushi at our place. Rotem is currently doing some sort of Japanese summer camp where they learned to roll sushi. I helped them a bit so that no one will lose a finger. Who likes a finger sushi? We were hungry but not that much. We cut thinly whatever can go inside the sushi. Carrots, cucumber, shitaka mushrooms, avocado. They brought the prepared rice (Alon cooked), red tuna, salmon and nori seaweed sheets.
Rotem’s first inside-out roll
All the kids having fun in the kitchen
The results, plate one:
And plate 2:
Leftovers Sashimi:
It was yummy and we were so hungry that we swallowed them fast. Rotem was happy and we were very proud of her accomplishment. Saturday morning we went for Yariv’s Alia la’tora and had brunch afterwards at their house. Guess what they were serving? Yariv’s favorite, Sushi. We ate some more sushi and then at evening we arranged to prepare the Langostines Dror bought for us. They were huge, looked like this:
Langostine orgy
Stripe-Pan Fried them, like BBQ.
The ready creature laid on the pepper sauce. Eaten with lemon.
The pile of corpses
Yet another delicious weekend even when not cooking a big cut of meat.
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2 Responses to Rotem’s Sushi and Dror’s Langostine at home

  1. Alon says:

    The best sushi ever!

  2. Nachman says:

    thank you Dror… and Mashav

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