I’ll start with the home cooking this time.

baby scallops and tortellini in the pan

The wine

little burgers with mustered and lettuce

breakfast containing eggs, roquefort, smoked salmon and more cheeses

healthy breakfast omelette from low fat soft white cheese, eggs and wheat bran. On top of that should be a slice of ham.

accompanied by the anti-healthy breakfast buddies: almond croissant, baguette and coconut flan

Pork in apple sauce for dinner

Apple cider to match with the pork. Brut

And a regional red wine as well

Who knew the best ice-cream can be found in the supermarket, for 1.85 euro?

The next picture is just another patisserie. They all have pretty much similar products, and the basic pie is made of cooked eggs and called Flan. We used the Flan as an indicator of the place’s expensiveness. The Natural Flan can be prices between 1.3 euro to 2.5. It can be found in a the shape of a triangle or rectangle. The rectangles are always cheaper because they’re smaller. This was our anchor.

Flan is the yellow thing in the middle. Rectangle shape

China-Town street food:

Rice cake over pork cake. Not the best I had.

Green coconut fluffy cake. Better choice.

Häagen-Dazs’ Green tea and hibiscus ice-cream.

This is one of my favorites, I love green tea ice-cream and this one is top notch!

Indian delights. Mostly potatoes, spices and oil

Lunch from the village market, at the park. There's ribs, head parts tarine,soft cheese, blood sausage and bread

And of course, more wine.

for dessert, half a tart with pears

we didn't eat that, but it looks so pretty!

    The real “street food” we ate were the fruits we picked from the trees. Dad was very enthusiastic about picking as much figs as possible.

hard to reach the good ones

And I don't know what's that, but it looked cute

Now my parents has left and I’m here in Paris by myself, having a last day on my own before school begins.

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