Other then our own cooked food that we are allowed to take home, there’s a lot of other stuff to take, especially when we’re working with Chef Sebastian. All the vegetables in our cart that we won’t need anymore or look a bit old are called “Doggy bag” by Chef and anyone can take it home. I take some of it to have some veggies at home. What’s left is given to the dishwasher or thrown away if there are no buyers. Also there are products opened and un-labeled that we can’t use so we also have to get rid of sometimes. Some of these things I take home as well. Unfortunately sometimes I can’t save products when people just trash them without asking if someone is interested. You’ll notice most of my meals at home are actually leftovers from and some are re-creations of leftovers.

Soups containers take #2

Shrimp with pesto leftover, sausage and warm salad of leftover vegetables

Eating in my kitchen

Platter of goodness

Endive salad with some of the vegetables left from school

Stuffing leftover from Provence meal inside sweet milk buns and the leftover Aioli sauce. This was heavenly, thinking about patenting it

Regular breakfast every day with some other fresh fruits left from Pastry-Mondays!

My genius split by four container with greek vegetables + lime and mushroom from leftovers

Some peppers I took from school

Grains salads in my cool container

Fridge full in the weekend

Practicing my knife skills at home with a health salad

Dear Marisabel left me two Hugo-Victor macaroons as a treat after a late kitchen. Yam! All this over some more vegetables divided in my container


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11 Responses to Doggy bag

  1. Nachman says:

    if you want to patent – “Stuffing leftover from Provence meal inside sweet milk buns and the leftover Aioli sauce” – then you need to come up with a shorter name for it…

    looks like you are eating healthy, many vegis

  2. Alon says:

    אם את רוצה , יש לי מקרר מלא בשאריות מארוחת ראש השנה . שנה טובה ומוצלחת !

  3. Nachman says:

    as i was cutting the fruits and vegetables for the salad to take to the Rosh-Ha-Shana dinner last night, I felt very close to you. I was trying to cut “AS REGULAR AS POSSIBLE” (not something that was high on my priority in the past), and I felt as if you were watching over my shoulder and giving me pointers…

    At the dinner I sliced the sinta roast thin and even and plated it carefully in a row of overlapping slices of red heaven, placing the onions on the sides carefully so as not to leave any spots on the serving plate… as you know, in the past I would just hack thick slices and serve in the original pan from the toaster-oven…

    We are all trying to adjust to meet your developing standards so when you come back you may still be able to enjoy our “primitive” cooking…

    • Mashav says:

      I’m happy, it means that now you’re gonna be thinking about me every time you slice something. Don’t forget me when you do the cabbage salad, this really needs to be cut thinly.

  4. Sharin says:

    Ohh I am so excited from your leftovers!
    My fridge is so empty compared to yours…
    That Shrimp with pesto leftover, and platter of goodness bought me.
    I envy in your super cool container!

  5. Ema Irit says:

    נראה לי שנשאר אוכל למשפחה שלמה מהשאריות ואיזה אוכל! הצלחת עם השרימפס והנקניק והרוטב פסטו באמת זכתב המקום ראשון אבל השאר לא פיגרו מאוד

  6. Ema Irit says:

    גם הגבינות והפאטה הזה היו שאריות?

    • Mashav says:

      פשוט עשינו פלאטה מכל מיני גבינות ונקניקים שהיו לשנינו במקרר, לא שאריות מהביצפר אלא מהדברים שקשה לעמוד בפניהם בסופר כשהולכים לקנות חלב

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