The passing week was all about salads, fresh vegetables, cooked vegetables and grains mixed in salad. It sounds like a pretty easy week but the underlying purpose of this week was actually gaining more cutting skills. We sliced bigger amounts of vegetables to julienne, émincé, ciselér, brunoise, mirepoix, paysanne and turné. What was interesting about this week is that we worked mostly independently, having only few short demos. This was all about cutting, fast and precise.

Mercredi: Crudités Variées

Colorful vegetable for the fresh salad

Looks like a salad ingredients

Starting the juliennes with a mandoline

Chef's Juliennes of celery root

Julienning my red cabbage. Stained my fingers purple that became black later that evening. Dad I was thinking of you while doing this. My thin wasn't thin enough.

Did you ever see that size of a lettuce drier?

Made a mayonnaise, classic vinaigrette and citron olive oil vinaigrette as the three dressings for the salad

chef's plating

like spaghetti but it's julienne

The celery root with mayo and carrot with vinaigrette


Red cabbage with red vinegar. Did not like that one.

Cucumbers with chives

Tomatoes and radishes


Chef's final presentation

My final presentation

The Juliennes were fine but I presented not clean enough and under the light oily spots were visible on the plate. 🙁

Jeudi: Légumes à la Grecque 

We had artichokes and this day's main goal is to learn the "turning" technique

While cisoléing my onions (we had 3 onions had to be cut very fine) I cut my left index finger and had to put bandage and rubber protector from water and it made cutting the rest a lot harder and slippery (and even more so for the next day). The problem was that it put me out of focus and since then things started to fly around the room and I had to get it together to finish on a good time.

Turn it like a globe over one finger

What are we doing here and why exactly? The same thing we did to the zucchini

Start cooking, olive oil, cisolé of onions, garlic, every one of 6 vegetable separated (this is the pearl onions) and then white wine, salt and pepper, water.

Lemon water for the artichokes

Anatomy of the artichoke

This is a shitty artichoke! We want fresher!

Pulling out the outer leafs

Position of the hands when turning

Note to self: artichoke stains won't bleach out of the fabric. Don't let it touch my apron again!!

Chef makes it look easy again, it's not! Hands are tired!

Cut the yakki away

Keep turning

Mellon ball away all the hairy inside

Chef seasoning his cooked vegetables with some special salt

How can we make this look nice over a plat?

My cooked vegetables before mixing them

Chef plating

Plated and looking good!

My vegetables waiting for the artichoke, cook faster!

My plated dish, it got a very good comment!!

Just needed a drizzle of sauce, this pic was taken after this drizzle. It was so yammy.

Personal  confession: I was wondering why we’re cutting the carrots and zucchini like that but fact is: it taste better that way.

Vendredi: Taboulé (couscous, quinoa and au blé which is wheat)

Vegetables and grains

couscous, from semolina

Au blé

Red quinoa

Many herbs but not as much as I'm used to have in a Taboulé salad

Che'f cut vegetables, the yellow thing in the left container is the lemon zest of three lemons cut into 1mm squares. This was a nightmare with the bandage over my finger!

Chef demo of fileting a grapefruit

Take the avocado out his skin in one spoon scoop

Every grain had his different mix of herbs and vegetables.



Au blé

Mixed and seasoned


Served in three glasses

Nice to nibble over these. Chef was checking mostly the presentation and cuts of the vegetables but I asked nicely that he will have a taste (in french of course, who can say no) and I got some pointers on the seasoning as well. And the presentation was good so I'm proud!

As you can understand I had a very healthy leftovers this week. I noticed how I’m tempted to put more lemon and garlic to everything. I didn’t consider myself as a big fan of the Mediterranean flavor but I guess I am. Few last words about this week I want to tell all you Israelis reading my blog that we can be very proud of the Israeli’s cucumbers which are the best in the world (Chef’s notation in class)!!! Wohooo!

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7 Responses to Fresh and Cooked Vegetable

  1. Nachman says:

    from now on i will only cut my carrots and squash like the chef says… well, maybe I’ll start from tomorrow… or the next day… maybe only when the chef is watching 😉

  2. Ema Irit says:

    הצילומים הפורנוגרפיים של הירקות ממש עושים חשק אז עברתי על כל הבלוג ואז יצאתי לאכול שוארמה – מאוד ים תיכוני

    • Mashav says:

      הבעיה היא שכשאני כותבת על האוכל, או עושה שיעורי בית (לקרוא מתכונים) או כשאנחנו לומדים בכיתה, זה עושה אותי רעבה כל פעם מחדש!

  3. Sharin says:

    Very nice and very healthy!! I liked that food..

  4. Sharin says:

    And also learned what is julienne..

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