Last Saturday we met up with Eric, who’s often in Paris. He reserved us a table in Kitchen Gallery Bis (KGB), in the 6th district, few steps from his apartment. The KGB was opened about a year ago and is the little naughty sister of “The Kitchen Gallery”, a fusion kitchen holding one Michelin star. We were the first clients of the evening, entered to the main room, it’s not a big place and not over decorated. Apart from a number of art works, there wasn’t a lot of fanciness or pretense, but it was very neat and decent looking.

The KGB from outside

The menu is written in english and the staff speaks english as well so we didn’t need any translations. Implies that many of the customers are Americans. They don’t have a dinner menu, just a tasting surprise menu for 60euro per person but we went for a la cart.

The menu, both languages

White wines this time

Hors d’oeuvres (26 euro for 4X2 of them)

So what happens is that you choose how many hors d’oeuvres you want to start with but you don’t know what they’re gonna be.  We went for 2 per person so we got 4 different things which I’m having trouble remembering what exactly they were, sorry.

Raviole with a fusion-thai sauce, lemon grass, chives

Kind of a meat ball, sweet sauce

Forgot what soup was, maybe leeks?

Filet of fish with cucumber gazpacho and caviar

Plats (28-32 euro) 

There were only 5 dishes to choose from, so we got with the 4 dishes pretty much the essence of the place.

Soft shell crab tempura, sautèed squid, Thai herbs

Grilled Colin, vegetables and ginger french dressing

Le Marché (plat du jour)

Confit of veal knuckle, spicy and Mostarda condiment

The dessert wine


Cake Financier, white chocolate-guava ice-cream.

Rosted fig, Morello cherry jus, grape-shiso sorbet

Strawberry and lemongrass cappuccino, wasabi emulsion, Pistachio ice-cream

The verdict;

The hors d’oeuvres were fantastic, I liked the raviole and his lemongrass flavor and the meatball on a stick. The soup was nice but not too special and the fish was lacking a bit spike. It was too subtle for me. The plats were very nicely put together and tasty. I was less impressed by the veal, maybe because its flavors are more common to me (paprika style), but the fish with all its vegetables was very nice and the crab dish had an excellent squid. The first wine we had I liked a lot, good quality and had volume, but the sweet dessert wine was a bit too sweet for me. The desserts.. well I was disappointed a bit that everything was in the same style: some kind of fruit with a sorbet or ice-cream. Which is good as one or two dishes but why everything like that? The best choice was the strawberry with the wasabi, no doubt, because it was very interesting, not only tasty but hot-cold and sweet-spice. The other two were had great ice-creams in each one.

In a sentence, I think it’s worth its current status as a light and fun restaurant that still brings you great and aesthetic fusion food without being super expensive.

Thanks Eric for the invitation, we enjoyed a lot and hope to see you soon again.


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  1. Nachman says:

    i think the soup was white beans…

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