Our second “Pastry Monday” concentrated on puff pastry. You probably know it’s a dough that takes time to make. When making it there’s 6 rounds of rolling, folding and rotating. You end up with a pastry made of thin layers of dough and butter that puffs up beautifully when baked. This is why it’s called puff pastry in English and in French it’s more like in Hebrew: The leafs pastry.  I took about a thousand pictures so I hope you can enjoy as much as I do, just imagine the smell of baked buttery dough in the room constantly while reading/looking at the pics. Good luck!


Picking up our order for today's class

A bit of organization before we start.

Ericka slicing squares from the dry butter, special product for puff pastry

Demo of making the dough. Flour, hole, salt, melt with cold water

Start picking up the flour with the water

Water + flour makes étrempe

Not to waste the dough that got stuck between the fingers

Make a ball. Cut a cross or what we did instead..

Loosen it up with the roll, rest for 30min

Hit the butter, but keep it square. The butter should have the same thickness and flexibility as the étrempe

Flat the dough to a square as well, bigger then the butter square

Wrap the butter with the dough "like a Love Letter"

Love letter ready to go

First rolling, keeping the edges with straight angles

Fold to three

One round is done!

Rotate quarter of a spin and roll down again

My time to try, this is my love letter with butter inside

Rolled once

My dough was a bit too soft :/

Two finger printed on the dough, marking it's after 2 rounds. Rest for 20-30 min again

4 rounds. Rest again. This dough has to have a lot of rest otherwise it's too elastic like rubber

6 rounds are over, now rest for the last time before working with it

While the dough was resting we were working. Prepared the other stuff of course. For the Créme pâtissiére started with 3 yolks beaten with sugar

add starch, to get this texture

Boiled 500ml of milk with half a vanilla pod

Poring the boiling milk to the beaten yolks gradually

Whisking and putting back to the pot

Whisking over heat non-stop

Suddenly it's clotting, remove from heat, keep whisking, do not burn

Move for blast freezer to chill

Preparation of the fruits: figs, raspberries and strawberries.

Demo of the baking of the dough. Half of it rolled down for a rectangle, poked and turned around.

Stick two strips in the sides with egg wash

Connect the two layers, giving the edge a bit of fanciness

To the oven

The other half was rolled down to a rectangle and pressed down with another tray so that it will not rise thorough the baking. Then sugar coated and back to finish the baking

Chef's pastry came out the oven beautiful and golden

Créme pâtissiére inside in a flat layer

Already looks good

Arrange the fruits

The Chef's finished products

Mine came out with a bit of a twisted top. Still don't understand what caused it.

But I had more room to fill with fruits. Glazed.

Layering the Mille-Feuille

First floor lives raspberries and halfed strawberries

Foundation for the second floor

In the second floor lives figs and strawberries

Finished. OK I know, It's huge, I was supposed to trim the edges off. I didn't. Never mind, You can be sure I trimmed them at home

My finished Tarte Feuilletée aux Fruits

Oh wait! We're not done! With Chef Antoine there's always something to do with the trimmings

Rolled them to a square, wraped in sugar and folded

Took our rolls from the fridge..

Cut the roll and spread on a tray, open the "ears" out

Chef's cookies are perfect as usual. We ate a bunch of them on the spot

Mine looks pretty good too!

This is the TA I had to carry this afternoon.

At home, trimming the edges

My little "elephant ears"!!!


It was a long day, We didn’t finish on time, rushed the presentation time even though it’s the best part! And yet missed lunch this day. Chef was cool to let us eat his whole cakes as lunch. Did I also mention I tasted all the Créme pâtissiére from the tools and bowls? Of mine and others 🙂 I went to the cafeteria anyways and was lucky to get a piece of fish from one of the pastry girls (gotta have some protein with all this carbs all day!!). Another important thing to mention is that we made the class in the pastry kitchen where it’s cool and nice. Too cool? My nose was running all day and I was thinking about our nice and warm 139 kitchen where it’s always always warm.

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5 Responses to La Pâte Feuilletée + Créme pâtissiére + Fruits

  1. Elisheva says:

    Yummy. can I come on Mondays?
    BTW, your edges curled out probably because when you did the egg wash on the strips it got also on the (out)side of the strips and then it cooks first & holds the pastry down… But it looks fabulous anyway!
    I look forward to reading your blog every day! keep up the good work!

    • Mashav says:

      OK yes! That explains it, I did put some on the edges and then figured I’m not supposed to but it was too late 🙂 You’re welcome any day

  2. Ema says:

    IT looks so good that probably I am not allowed even to look .
    Barak plays on the piano and wonderfully sings ” wish you were here” and I am reading/ mostly LOOKING on the pics thinking…. wish you were here even just for this weekend.
    We will be in few houres on Ginton’s grave – I remembered the day when you were 1 year old all naked seating on the front porch in Safta’s Jean house pealing a pomegranet with Ginton. the famouse picture that Nachman took that day realy captured your concentration on the pomegranet in your hands and on Ginton’s hands peeling the other part. Maybe your first cooking lesson?

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