Our week of hard studies finished with an amazing day of regional cuisine of the Provence region. I must admit I was a bit doubtful the previous day that I will enjoy it as much as I did but it was exceptional. We all were assigned to one of 5 groups, each responsible for the making of one course in our 5 course Provence meal. I was a bit upset because Our group was the biggest with 4 members, cooking together a first course only. it was just too many people for that task. I was concerned each one of us will not have much to do and that exactly what happened but I was still very happy this whole day, everything went well and the lunch was good. Actually the best part for me was the plating and helping other groups with that. Everything came out very beautiful.

For starters I will show the pictures of the lunch itself without nonsense, after that the whole details and pictures of the process, through my eyes. This time every group had a different dish to make so I concentrated more in our dish. Like I said, it was not a stressed day so I could see what everyone else is up to.

The Meal:

Anglo A sitting to eat their first Regional menu

Entrée #1: Vegetables with Anchovy dipping sauce (Traditional and Modern versions) with quail safaran marinated eggs

Bread: Focaccia with black olives

Wine #1: Chateau de la Negly. Not exactly provence wine but very good one, was selected as our favorite. In the back is #3 wine which was a red Bordeaux to accompany the meat. There's a good red Provencal wine but school cellar did not have in stock unfortunately

Entrée #2: Petits Farcis a la Provencal (our group dish). A zucchini, onion and tomato filled with lamb, beef, mushrooms and bacon. Créme of roasted peppers and a reduction of white stock with butter.

Wine #2: The Famous Provencal Rosé, was a bit boring after the great first white wine.

Plat #1: Filet of Red mullet with black olive cream, Fish stock reduction, ratatouille, fried marjoram (the greens on top)

Plat #2: Daube a la Provencale: Beef stew with dried tomato, onion, Fennel, mashed potatoes and potato chips

Dessert: Cold nougat, raspberry coulis, tuiles and raspberry sorbet.


The anchovy in oil, because the ones in salt are too salty

Little radishes! I love those

Baby fennel, so cute! If a baby bunny would eat one of these baby fennel it would be the cutest thing 🙂

Prepping and cutting the vegetables

Barbara preparing the cauliflower

Garlic in their shells, in olive oil (and a bit of water) cooking slowly

Ready and yammy. yes I came to check this out, I love garlic!

Quail eggs being boiled

Peeled and marinated in safaran and spices

Barbara pushing the anchovies and the roasted garlic through a very fine strainer

This is the classic sauce with the raw garlic

Andreea start the dough for the foccacia

Ready for the oven, olives inside the dough and outside as well

Chef taking the focaccia out of the oven

The proud cooks plating their dish

Looking good.

At the table

I liked the classic one better (it was very garlicy and the other was more strong on the fish side) the eggs were amazing!

chef Antoine pouring us the first glass of wine, Barbara is already in another world

The focaccia will be carved soon. It was amazing and filled the kitchen with the yeasts smell. It was a good one, especially where the dough was thicker.

Petits Fracis: 

Fresh little onions

Alisa and Zeynel taking care of hollowing the vegetables. The eggplant didn't arrive with the merchandise, we were also missing chicken breast

The tomatoes are peeled and hollowed

Onions washed

The inside is taken out with a melon baller

The onions were boiled first

Alisa with the vegetables ready to be filled

Making the filling, shallots and mushrooms

Everything is sliced very finely

Surprise! The meat from the Marmite came back for another boil. For the 4th time that it has been boiled

Rob removing the meat from the cooking water

What do we have here?

A bit of every different meat is sliced thinly, it didn't have a lot of taste by then

Bacon is sliced and roasted

Lamb is roasted and then cut

Sweat the vegetables with butter of course

Adding all the meats and also some chopped ham

Adding parmesan and chopped herbs

Filling the tomatoes

Filling the zucchini

Some parmesan on top

To a pan with some stock, olive oil and lemon

Filled onions

Out of the oven

Our white stock sauce is being reduced

The roasted peppers cream. Was not in the recipe but we had time to make something colorful

Ready for plating

The process of thinking how we should plate took time (which we had). This was one of the options 😀

In the end we went for something less crowded

Plating is the best part!

Rob ready to serve

I liked a lot our dish. Everything went very good together, three little bites, that's all.

Like an angel

I'm very happy and proud

The class enjoying their petits farcis

Filet de Rougets a la creme d’olive


Roasting 3 colored pappers

Pulling out all the little bones from the filet

Cooking the Ratatouille, the courgettes cooked separately, less time

Cream of olives

The sauce is resting

Roasting the fish in the salamander

Plating time, Shane and Daniel are ready and Chef helping

The ratatouille is plated in the middle

The two fillets on top

Adrian helping with the wiping of the plates

Beautiful outcome, and tasty as well!

Daube a la Provencale:

Meat has been marinated overnight and now cut and braised

With the liquids and vegetables ready to be cooked in the steel pot.

Adrian tasting to make sure the seasoning is OK before sealing with dough

Sealing like a pressure cooker

Thin slices of potatoes


All the rest of the potatoes went to cook in the oven, instead of boiled, to avoid loosing the flavor to the water

Mashed with butter of course

Kept hot in a bain marie

Ihsuan taking care of the art project with the dough

Came out very nice! Though the dinners not supposed to eat that, it would feel like a brick in the belly

Tomatoes dried in the oven

Ihsuan and Ericka start the plating

The sauce was strained from all the vegetables

New vegetables are added by Adrian

This is a fairly large portion!!

The fennel was my favorite here

Like little butterflies of potatoes on top

I guess I liked everything here but the meat itself, I prefer the red bloody meat with this sauce and vegetables

Nougat Glace, Tuiles, Sorbet de Framboise:

Claire making the candied almonds for the nougat

Chilling down

Broke down to pieces

There was a need to check the temperature all the time, for the sorbet

Olive is straining the coulis of raspberry

Nice looking tuiles dried on a rolling pin

The ready nougat out of it's mold


The nougat on our dinning table. Was very good, I loved the tuiles. The nougat like that was my first time to try, very airy.

This day I wasn't the only one to take pictures!

Getting to the end of the meal

Eating, knowing the next dish we have are the dishes to clean

Alisa and everyone enjoying the final moments of this wonderful lunch

I was a bit tipsy from all the wine while cleaning and then found out I will be the next week’s Sous chef. Behold!

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  2. Alon says:

    This post made me very hungry.

  3. Ericka says:

    Great photos! Cool to see things that were going on while I was so focused on my dish.

  4. Sharin says:

    Wow – you had a very nice provence meal!!
    I liked all the dishes and your happy and proud picture.. 🙂

  5. Nachman says:

    wow! what a spread.
    the little angle was so cute…
    what was the dough on top of the pot that was so beautiful for??? was it just for fun?

    • Mashav says:

      We were told restaurants do this to serve the dish with the dough thing and Ihsuan made it very nice, only to decorate not to eat

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