This Pastry-Monday we were happy to try out the choux pastry which is the dough used for Eclairs and Profiteroles. Good thing this week is the late shift day and we started cooking after lunch because otherwise I would eat a lot more of them during the process. There you go:

Going through the recipe before starting

Many tools needed today

Raspberry powdered sugar for the decoration

Chef Antoine making a demo of the dough. Twice. Because someone nessured the flour wrong and we had to start all over again

Butter, water, sugar and salt are brought to a boil

Butter supposed to be melted when the water start to boil

Put the flour in on one step

Mix thoroughly and fast

Ready when dough does not stick to the pan or the wooden spoon

Remove from the fire and add 4 eggs, one by one.

Mixing the first egg

The dough ready for one more egg

Finished, smooth and sticky dough

My dough in the beginning of the process

After adding an egg and start to mix it in it looks like that

This is my dough after the 4 eggs. It was still a bit too thick. Don't know why!

Put it all in a drizzle bag

Butter, flower and mark a baking tray

Start to create the choux


Mostly Profiteroles but some Eclairs, egg wash and squish gently with a fork.

This is my tray, a bit ugly shapes baaa

Class works hard

When it's baking we made an orange confiture.

Julienne the orange peels

Cook with suger

And chocolate cream to frost. Dissolving the chocolate to cream


Some Raspberry and Mango coulis

Making the Crème Chantilly (whipped cream actually), adding the powdered sugar to the cream

Vanilla extract

Start to whisk. Oh that took time and work!!

Chef makes it look easy!

Getting ready to fill those cups of happiness

Put the cream in a drizzle bag

Some of them were cut open and some holed to fill


Swan of course to start with

Making pink cream from the raspberry paste

Filling eclairs

Ihsuan bringing the fruits

Chef's Production. He actually made a lot more with plating and so on but I didn't have enough time to take a picture

My turn, this is my choux out of the oven

Not too ugly !


Opened them up

Decorated etc.

My plating

Top view


Didn't have enough room in the plate for this little guy

wonder how did it got home?? This is how!! some were saved in a box but these were a little squished.

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4 Responses to Pâte à Choux Chantilly

  1. Nachman says:

    yummi, yummi, yummi

    irit says – luck it was not near her – or she would have eaten them all…

    do you have any – sans sucre???

  2. Elisheva says:

    I LOVE your Mondays!

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