No, this is not Pastry-Monday, although it looks like that. We made savory pastries to sum up our hot appetizers week.

We did puff pastry again. Lots of turns if you remember from last time...

Chef Antoine re-demoing the making of the dough

My dough in the beginning

In the process

While the dough is resting 20 min every two turns, we made Sauce bechamel again. This is the butter and flour frying for about 5 min (minimum!) until whitish

This time we poured cold milk over hot roux because we made a small amount

Chef's spices

For the second stuffing we cut veal to small squares

My perfect square of veal

Added minced pork sausage meat, egg

Adding Madeira and cognac, generously

Chopped parsley and spices

To test seasoning without a microwave oven, what can be done? We roasted a bit of the stuffing on a foil over the stove and tasted. Goooood!

Dealing with the dough was almost engineering

Is that a cooking table or architects table? Well the Swiss cheese gives it away... Cutting cheese decorations

Bechamel turned into Mornay sauce and cooked to very thick consistency. Piped to the rectangles of pastry

Covered with the other half of the dough and like ravioli, cut to rectangles, gluing the edges

Some vapor slits

Making sure the two layers are stuck together and making a beautiful classic decoration at the same time

Looked so similar to Mezuza that I had to put the 'ש' letter as a decoration

The second half of the dough cut to circles and a meatball placed over

My pastries ready to the oven'

Chef's presentation

We didn't get any plates for this so I took picture of chef's presentations

My Petites Pâtés Parisian out of the oven

My Allumettes au Fromage-Mezuza out of the oven

At the end of the day a Bourekas is a Bourekas, with fancy decorations or without, I had a sudden urge to slice it open, put tehini, sliced boiled egg, pickle and some sehug.

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6 Responses to Allumettes au Fromage, Petites Pâtés Parisian (French Bourekas)

  1. Ema Irit says:

    ה”מזוזות” לא היו עם בשר חזיר קצוץ, נכון?

  2. Sharin says:

    OMG – so much butter?
    At the beginning there is more butter then dough!
    But sadly, I’m sure the butter is what makes it so tasty..

    • Mashav says:

      I think it’s pretty much 50/50 but yes. we are not surprised anymore from amounts of butter / yolks when we cook. one has to accept it when cooking french cuisine

  3. Claire says:

    Mashav, now I wish I have gone to Pastry program in Paris in September!!
    But see you in Paris when I’m there next month! 🙂

  4. Nachman says:

    i loved the “butter in the envelope” technique

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