After you already seen what was the result of our restaurant service in the previous post, this is the continuing post for advanced readers. Like I said, I was doing the Amuse Bouche dish with Rob and Barbara and the day after joined the Sole fish group so it’s mainly the process of making these two dishes and some of the other dishes I got a glance now and then.

Marchendise came on Tuesday morning. This is the sweet potato, looks totally different than what I know

Chicken bones and wings for our chicken stock. I was responsible to cut them to smaller pieces

Rob burning the chicken hair

My crime scene after chopping the bones

Cover with cold water

Adding some vegetable for the aroma

One hour and a half later, the stock is ready to strain

Barbara and Rob straining our two pots of stock

This is a much larger pot than what it looks like in the picture

Strained stock and the bones kept for another stock to cook the day after

The smoked salmon few days aged

Trimming all the edges (I took them home on my doggy bag)

Demo of how to cut slices of the salmon. This point we took a tasting break. A bit of lime juice and it's very yammy

The next day, Wednesday morning, we had a theory class about how to make and present our dishes. This was the drawing of our plating

The preparation before starting service, cutting the carrot and sweet potatoes

Can you tell which is which?

Sweating the leaks with butter

Adding the vegetables

Cover with chicken stock

Peeling fresh ginger

Zest and juice of a lime

Lime juice and ginger purèe

Rob cutting the salmon for the jelly

After the salmon is placed in the bottom of a tray, a strained version of the soup with lime and agar goes on top and chilled. Then cut

Salmon surprise under the jelly

Barbara squeezing some of the cooked vegetables for the crackers

straining is a big part of being a cook

Creaming the butter

Adding egg whites, flour and the pureed vegetables

After having problem with the consistency of the dough (too hot in the kitchen!) I was able to mold it into shape of something and baked to make crackers

All the soup is being mixed with the giraffe

Cream and spices added

Plates are ready before the service

Service starts


Finished dish

Waiting to be taking for a chefs testing dinner

In the middle of service, the AB waiting to be sent away to all the tables. We made about 60 dishes of these

The next day on Lunch the other group was responsible for the AB. They made a pumpkin soup.

Chef Stephan helping with the plating

Adding croutons, blue cheese foam and paprika

Ready to be served

The cromesquis dish, Daniel begins what he always do, roast some bell peppers

Film it!

Making bread crumbs from a day old bread, no crust obviously!

Went to dry in the oven

The cromesquis ready to be fried

A close up

Hot fryer when the service begins

Station ready to start plating in the beginning of the service, with crackers of their own

the group working together to plat in the middle of service

Go cromesquis!

Final presentation is beautiful!

We also tested the taste and it was good!

The other first course was also a dish based on smoked salmon

The head waiter waiting for his order

Cutting the marinated salmon

Like a painting, It was very tasty! There's a small lime filet over the patè of salmon and the one on the left side is goat cheese roll covered with eggplant

The fragile toast only showed up for the lunch

Sole dish started with fresh soles, turns out these guys are actually pretty expensive fish

After skinning it this is how it looks like

Fileting the poor thing

Claire is proud with her naked fish

Ericka, action pic

The fish group working together, how lovely

Girolles mushrooms. A lot of work dealing with those but it's worth it

Sweating with butter

Poached thin slices of colorful vegetables

Pretty zucchini

Demo of rolling the fish: vegetables first, then two filets of fish then the mushrooms

Making sure it's tight without any air bubbles

Tuck in the veggies

A knot in each end like a candy

Candy shop!

Razor clams are cooked a la marinier and cut open

Ericka cutting the fish candy after it's cooked


Ready and looks tempting

Another angle

Fish is sent out to the tables

The whole group happy to finish the service

The other fish group, waiting for the orders to come in

Yochai making sure everything's in place before service

Fish sent out, there are small sponges to clean the plates before sending them

Beautiful fish!

White beans, sea bass (I think) a crisp of smoked meat and a coriander salad?

The veal dish: Ihsuan taking the veal bones from the economa

Huge forest mushrooms

Roasting the bones for the veal stock

Cover with cold water

Cook for a long time

Degreasing the veal meat

Making a veal jus

The group concentrating in the straining of their complicated licorice sauce

Rocket pesto cream with pine nuts

Slicing chestnets

Chestnuts for the millefueille

Shane trimming the edges off the vegetable millefueille

In the middle of service, Ihsuan taking care of seasoning the meat by the order

Shane grilling the veal

Crazy plating time


The dished taken by the waiters to the hungry customers

Eat me!

finished at last

The happy group all together in the station

Anglo B's duck dish is being prepared by Juan and Marisabel

Antoinio roasting the duck

Kept heated for the service

Elisabeth making the baked potatoes in pot

Looking good!

And also the duck meat samosa with pistachio and cinnamon

Waiting to be served

I tasted it and it was very good, well cooked (red a juicy) and the samosa was excellent as well

The duck

Oh well, good for you for reaching that far in my longest post ever I think.

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8 Responses to First Restaurant Service – The Long Version

  1. Elisheva says:

    Real Sole is a very expensive fish. Usually what we know as “Sole” is actually Plaice fish -similar but much cheaper. Eli once had real Dover Sole in England some 6 years ago, and remembers it fondly until today! Especially the way the fish was presented to him whole & then filleted in front of him by the HEAD waiter!

    All the food looks beautiful! I’m sure that it tastes great also!

    • Mashav says:

      We did have the real and expensive sole, I just like the sea bass kind of white fish better if you know what I mean.

  2. Shlomo says:

    Mashav, waiter? customers??
    What’s the story???? Can I come and order a seat?
    I’m booking a flight already!
    Need details

  3. Nachman says:

    wow – how much work – i’m exhausted just reading it…

    but the results look great!

  4. Ema Irit says:

    מדהים תמיד כמות העבודה בכדי ליצור עבודת אומנות שכזאת. למשל העצמות אפיתם אותם ואז בישלתם כמרק ולאן הם הגיעו בסוף?
    זה נכון לכל אומנות שלומדים אותה לעומק קצךת מגלים שבכדי להגיע לאיכות זה דורש המון עבודה

    • Mashav says:

      It’s a lot of work but think about 25 little chefs doing all this, it’s a lot of people, individually we’re not doing that much. Though still when you think about it, spending 5 hours to do a recipe at home I would spend 1 hour of work, that probably mean something 🙂

  5. […] service was a challenge for me and I’m glad it was. It was better experience than last time but there’s still room to make it better.  I was in the third course group, fish. There […]

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