First restaurant service this week. We have two restaurants belongs to the school. they are real restaurant in the meaning of paying customers reserving a table, have a menu to choose from and so on. It’s a bit different than ordinary restaurant because it’s only a student restaurant therefore not open in a regular schedule but according to the school needs to have its students practice. The whole staff are students and teachers. The waiters, bartender, cooks and pastry bakers. The customers get a menu where there’s a selection of two options in each course (entrèe, fish, meat and dessert) and the AB (amuse bouche) without selection. We pair up with Anglo B and each group makes one of the menus. Every course is taken over by a group of 1-4 students. We don’t do the dessert dish, these come directly from pastry students donating their best creations to the restaurant. After the diner service on Wednesday we have the next day’s lunch service of the same menu.

This was our group menu for this diner

The dinning room with all the student waiters

A talk with the chef before service begins, these are Anglo B in their side of the kitchen

And us, Anglo A in our side of the kitchen

Every group has a coordinator chef that has to make a table with the orders and table numbers so that everything made in the correct time

In the lunch service we had Chef Antoine as the "barker"

Amuse Bouche: 

Carrot and sweet potato ginger soup with a jelly and a croustille (cracker), smoked salmon and trout eggs

Pumpkin soup


Cromesquis (fried pig leg) of salmon with lime, roasted peppers and lemon grass cream and coulis of herbs.

Smoked and marinated salmon, goat cheese and eggplant roll, avocado cream, toast


Filet of sole filled with Girolles mushrooms, spiral of vegetables, razor clams with cream sauce

Anglo B fish dish (sorry don't know what it was!)


Veal medallions, licorice sauce, millefeuille of autumn vegetables, rocket pesto cream

Duck breast, duck samosa with cinnamon and sugar, baked potatoes in an iron pot

And a small video of the service itself, to show you an inside glance of what was going on there 🙂

In a small break between service and cleanings, Yohay brought some apple and honey to symbolize Rosh Hashana eve

All the Israelis and partly jews of the group enjoying the holiday spirit. Juan put his hand in front of the camera, thank you very much

If you wish to read about my personal experience those two days, I published this post and the next post is gonna be an elaborated version, process of making these dishes, focusing in the groups I took a larger part of but with a bit of everything as well.

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2 Responses to First Restaurant Service – The Short Version

  1. Nachman says:

    looking forward to see how these beautiful dishes were made…
    hatima tova

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