Two days of cooking different fish in different methods that will continue next week. My conclusion is that fresh fish is tasty and hard to ruin, doesn’t matter how you choose to cook it. With Bearnaise however, this is not the case.

Dorade in French, Sea bream in English, "Denise" in Hebrew. Everyone loves it

The other fish for this day was agian, Salmon. But in a different method of cooking.

Salmon, we're getting sick of it but he's not done with us.

The lemon has to be pretty.

A more modern way to cut the lemon decoratively:

Marinade for the dorade with olive oil, lemon, thyme, bay leave and dry fennel

With the dry fennel in the stomach as well

My fish grilled. Notice the tail prevented from burning by a piece of potato

Then the fish went to finish his cooking in the oven for 5 minutes. This is what happened in the oven if it’s too high for too long:

Filets of salmon are getting cooked only from one side. Supposed to be a la plancha but new non stick pans are better and give the same result

Reduction for the bearnaise sauce. Shallots, wine, vinegar, crushed white pepper and stems of chervil and tarragon

$ yolks and 4 spoons of water. Let the Sabayon begin!


After the sabayon is ready you add the clarified butter bit by bit slowly

Also making anchovy butter for the dorade, why not? Passing the anchovy throw a flour sifter

Then Passing the butter throw the same one

On the other side of the sifter


My Salmon a la plancha with bearnaise and herbs sauce, boiled and turned potatoes

Reaction was pretty good!

The marinated grilled dorade with confit of fennel and anchovy butter

My potatoes were not turned that beautifully, was the chef's response. Other then that all was good, sauces and cooking of the fish. This is defiantly my favorite dish

Next day we made some more salmon and skate fish, poached. I wouldn’t even consider poaching a fresh fish but I was positively surprised with the results.

Cut to "steaks" with skin and bones this time

Could go inside a metal ring

250 gr of butter being clarified

After separation

Potatoes turned and boiled, again. We have to practice our turning!!

The salmon is tied and poaced in court bouillon (flavored water) for about 5 minutes

Mine is ready (still pretty rare inside!)

Skinned and boned

Skate poached in the same water, only some vinegar added to get rid of bitterness flavor

After skinned and boned

Made hollandaise which is like bearnaise but without the reduction, and adding some lemon juice after. Wanted to take a video of 14 cooks making a sabayon in one kitchen, the sounds of whisking was overwhelming, but my hands we're busy whisking intensely

And more Buerre blanc with chopped herbs and chilly pepper

Poached salmon with hollandaise sauce

Skate poached with buerre blanc. The critique was that I added the herbs too soon, they changed color.

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9 Responses to Fish – Grilled, Planched and Poached with Bearnaise, Hollandias and Beurre Blanc Sauces

  1. Ema Irit says:

    דגים דגים דגים…. הבנתי בעצם החכמה זה הרוטב והטריות של הדגים.
    צריך להסביר את זה לאבא שלך שמתעקש על קפואים.
    אבל האמת שאכלנו סלומון אצל דידייה במוצ”ש שמעולה ודידייה אמר שהוא היה קפוא בעברו

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  3. Sharin says:

    Looks great.. Especially the salmon fillet.
    OMG the fish went on fire?
    And what do you mean by “turning potatoes”?

    • Mashav says:

      yes the fire was caused because the group put the fish too long inside a too hot oven

    • Mashav says:

      And the turning, please see here how we’re learning to “Turn” all kinds of vegetables to make them look nice round the edges and regular

  4. Sharin says:

    Yes you are right, I had to know what turning means… 🙂

  5. Nachman says:

    you can only poach a fresh fish – poaching a frozen fish just highlights the “frozen flavor” – I think

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