Last Monday on Pastry class we tackled the base of all cake bases – the sponge cake. As it’s so boring on it’s own we also learned to make Créme anglaise and then turn it into Vanilla ice-cream and made some “cigarettes” cookies.

Ingredients for today, had a lot of eggs

Getting our station ready in the mise en place

Butter the mold

Then flour

The hard part of the day was to beat the eggs over a bain marrie until it gets white. It took so much time, and my hand got very soar. We gotta know how to make everything manually

Chef makes it look easy

Turned white-yellowish

OMG it was so hard!

Folding in the the flour

To the mold and to the oven

In the meantime -créme anglaise starts with egg yolks, six of them

Half cream and half milk boiling with a vanilla pod

Adding the boiling milk to the beaten yolks and sugar bit by bit and then return to the stove, mix thoroughly

I tried to be fast this class and be one of the firsts for a change, what made me do this first, chef says it's overcooked. hmmm... The punishment of pretense

After baked, the cake has to be pulled from it's mold, keep upside-down to chill out

Always good to put some powder sugar

For the cigarettes, whisking butter until creamy and not seperating

We screen the powdered sugar

To be mixed with the butter


Egg whites added

It's notmal to have this weird texture

Pass the flour

Pouring the flour and not whisking, just fold in to keep the soft texture

Ready to be molded into cookies

Preparing the pear to decorate

In a pot with sugar

After caramelized

Cut to a fan

Drip the cigarette dough to a baking paper

Slam it to get a flat circles

With a plastic mold doing some flower shaped

To the oven

When still hot it can be shaped to a cigarette shapes or a little bowl

Half of our créme anglaise went to the ice-cream maker to make a beautiful vanilla ice-cream

Chef crazy about plating

Chef's second plate

My plate, including everything!

Ice-cream melting away makes it hard to present and plate

Close up

I loved the cigarettes, the créme anglaise (overcooked was so tasty anyways) and the ice-cream was phenomenal but the sponge cake is just a sponge cake.

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6 Responses to Génoise, Créme Anglaise, Cigarettes, Glacé de Vanille

  1. Ema Irit says:

    האגס הכי מתאים לי אבל הכל מוציא לי את כל הריר

  2. Elisheva says:

    Savta Jean better not hear you call a sponge cake JUST a sponge cake!

    It sucks that you can’t use an electrical mixer! Maybe I won’t come on a Monday…. 🙂

    • Mashav says:

      Gotta say that Safta’s sponge cake with a bit of orange and sugar is so much better than this one. I don’t know how she does that. About the mixer, it make sense, think that in order to get a diploma in cooking one has to be able to make everything from scratch, even all the whisking creams and doughs etc. Like learning to drive with gir and then driving on an automatic car. After learning the basics we can use whatever we need.

  3. Nachman says:

    great plating – looks yumi!!!

  4. Sharin says:

    I liked your plating very much too!!
    Until the end of the post that I saw the pictures, I couldn’t guess what you were going to do with that cigarette cookies..

    • Mashav says:

      Actually it was a free design we could use the cookies for the plating how ever we wanted to. Glad you liked it, Thanks!

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