This week I was a little ill (and still recovering) and couldn’t smell and taste food as good as always so I was happy Shane suggested to go to a lighter weekend lunch in the Museum D’orsay’s restaurant. This way we could enjoy a beautiful dinning room, lunch and a walk around the museum.


The dinning room, very special and beautiful

Ceiling paintings

These two had the best table, next to the sculpture

Another picture for mom

Strangely in this classic dinning room we had modern utensils

They have a daily menu for 16.5 euro but we were disappointed to hear about today's special which was some sort of fish with mini potatoes. We saw other tables taking it and it didn't look that good. So we had to consider a la carte.

Bread served was not fresh

Gazpacho with mint sorbet. Pretty good, sweet and refined, none of the usual cucumber, red pepper, Tabasco that we add, so it was very french!

Roasted chicken over salad with parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke cream over a toast. It was also supposed to have candied garlic that have never been found. Did not meet expectations.

Penne Pasta, pesto, crispy cheese and chorizo. The pasta itself was pretty good and tasty.

Damage, not that big, but was it worth it?

I have a major problem when I get a dish with missing elements. A bigger problem when I ask about it and get ignored. I think the gazpacho was the winner of this meal. Instead of dessert we went to look around the museum, the healthy option.

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5 Responses to Le Restaurant Eliance Orsay

  1. Ema Irit says:

    תודה על התמונות לאמא
    אין ספק מסעדה מאוד יפה. מדהים, היא היתה חלק מתחנת הרכבת המקורית? אני אנסה לברר
    חבל שפחות נהנית מהאוכל

  2. Nachman says:

    how was the museum?

    • Mashav says:

      We only saw about half of it, some very nice oil paintings, very nice building. I have to go back there when it’s raining

  3. Sharin says:

    Very nice museum! Too bad you didn’t like the dishes too much..

  4. Shlomo says:

    Beautiful restaurant, I ate this this last summer. And yes, they restored the original railway station restaurant.
    I also love the museum, spend as much time looking at the building as at the art work.
    So I guess your life there is not 100% food 🙂

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