This week’s Regional meal I felt was a bit too easy. I may blame it on the Alsacein region food but I’m really not sure this was it. I had to make something that’s called “Tart Flambée” which is another name for a thin crust pizza dough  topped with créme fraiche, onions and bacon. I was doing this dish as an amuse bouche which is also weird, I guess this dish is more like a midnight snack than an appetizer in restaurants. I also had to prepare it with a partner although it was enough for one person to make. The second dish was foie gras which was also too easy for the amount of people placed in this group. The fish course and the dessert also finished their cooking very early, only the meat group had a decent amount of work for their dish. I felt this day that we are maybe too many people in class for some of the activities, and wished we could have come to school like always on 8Am instead earlier at 7:30AM. Good thing is that we had some wine to relax.

Alsacien dry riesling. Read all about it here.

Tarte Flambée (flammekueche)

Best wine in this meal, to me, was this Gewurztraminer, not the late harvest type (less sweet then usual)

Foie Gras de Canard Poêle, aux Fruits de Saison, Kouglof

Sandre en Choucroute à L'ancienne, Beurre Blanc

Red Sancerre, I always forget what was my impression of the last wine, wonder why 🙂

Civet de Chevreuil

People eating

Espresso à la Sebastian

Fondant au Chocolat, Croquant au Grue, Sorbet au Fromage Blanc

So Alsace which is a region boarding Germany, has been lost and “re-gained” to France several times during wars, a fact that made this area very unique cuisine wise. What’s also interesting about Alsace it’s its unique climate. The mountain ridge stops the rain clouds from passing from the Lorraine side to Alsace side of it, what makes these mountains perfect to grow vineyards. Interesting story we learned in our history class is about the  Baeckeoffe dish. In the past, Monday was laundry day so ladies of Alsace took pretty much everything they had left (meat, potatoes, onions and wine) and put it in a ceramic pot, on the way to the laundry gave the pot to the baker who baked it in his oven, when they came back they had this dish ready to be served for dinner. This is the meaning of the name of the dish – baker’s oven. Now that we are smarter, back to our lunch preparations..


Tarte Flambée (flammekueche). Thin crusted bread tart with créme fraiche, onions and bacon – Zeynel, Me.

Ingredients, not many

Making a starter: yeast + water

Adding flour


First time worked with a mixing machine in school

Dough ready, risen




Smoked bacon

cut and fried

Mixing créme fraiche and fromage blanc (45%) with yolks

Adding onions

Spreading over the dough

Four tarts

To the oven. Bummer we used convection oven instead of baker's oven which is a lot better for the dough to get crispy from under


No interesting plating, just slice and serve

Was pretty good actually, but I don't get why they make such a big deal out of it

They love their traditional dishes. Taken in Supermarket, heat and serve Tarte flambée.

 Foie Gras de Canard Poêle, aux Fruits de Saison, Kouglof. Duck liver, glazed fruits and a traditional milk bread – Claire, Daniel, Ihsuan. 


The bread out of the oven. It had things inside and was very good!!


Pears cut and turned


that's always a good addition

Roasted figs

Foie gras à la plancha


From the other side of the stove


Looks edible, lets roll!

Great dish, very simple though. The grapes were pealed!!

 Sandre en Choucroute à L’ancienne, Beurre Blanc. Pike with fermented cabbage, white wine and butter sauce – Barbara, Alissa, Olive

So pretty, such a shame

Barbara's favorite pose with fish

Choucroute !!

White butter sauce

The fish on the plancha.

"Flip them gently, with love"




Mine was cooked just right (some were a bit under cooked), and a beautiful filet

In the middle of preparations for the meal, fire drill. Fun fun!!

Civet de Chevreuil. Venison stew and seared, steamed vegetables, cépes mushrooms – Rob, Shane, Andreea. 

This poor Bambi was about 3 months old. Andreea and Shane having a hard time boning

The meat for the stew

Braised in an iron pot

Bones added to make a sauce

Stew going to the oven

The higher piece of the meat pan fried

The Cépes are porchini mushrooms (Italian), fresh and super expensive


Some of them with chives

Red beets and golden beets in the background

Vegetables to the steam oven

Pig's blood as the sauce thickener

Glog glog glog



Venison two ways. I preferred the steak way to eat it but liked the stew sauce.

Barbar's most lovely dish is popular among the photographers

 Fondant au Chocolat, Croquant au Grue, Sorbet au Fromage Blanc. Chocolate fondant, Coco bean caramel and white soft cheese sorbet – Adrian and Ericka. 

I missed all the steps before this. I guess it's something to do with eggs and chocolate.

Mess around with chocolate is fun!

Fondant molds

Poured in

Sugar mixed with butter and sprinkled with coco beans shreds, to the oven

Melted and formed a caramel

Cut to circles

Fondant out of the oven


Do you know how to make an ice-cream cannelle with only one spoon?

Chef's example of ice-cream cannelle made with one spoon

Find the difference 🙂 They got better with time. I couldn't even try!


Sprinkle some sugar

Added also edible flower and raspberry


The real test, cracked open. Perfectly runny!

Coffee is a great idea to finish this beautiful meal without having to go sleep it off

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  1. Ema Irit says:

    דם של חזיר נשמע פנטסטי להיודית הוא נשמע YAK ומגעיל

  2. Saba Pablo says:

    אני מקנה בך, משאיר לי טעם בפה

  3. Sharin says:

    Poor bambi..
    The meal does look simpler than all the other meals you’ve had.
    But still tasty. My favorite was the Venison stew, even though it was made of a poor bambi. And the desserts of course!

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