Menu regional meal this time was about Picardie region. Unfortunately we hadn’t had any classes about the region so my knowledge of the subject is limited to whatever we had this lunch. I was on the dessert station this time with Alissa. I think it was a good day to do the desserts because we had 4 desserts in sort of a dessert tasting dish.

We had Bourgogne wines this meal. There's no Bourgogne region meal, this is why.

Goyeres et Minis Flamiches

Wines are opened to breath

Crème de Chou-Fleur Aux Moules de Bouchot

Parmentier de Kippers

Noix de Coquilles Saint Jacques, Tartare d'Algues

Time for the red wine for the meat dish

Carbonnade de Boeuf à la Flamande

Assiette Tout Café, Sorbet à la Bière Crick Cerise

Me in the kitchen

Goyeres et Minis Flamiches – Leek tart and puff pastry filled with Maroilles cheese.

Tart base


Leek softly sateed

Arranged in the tarts

Out of the oven

The mini puffs before baking

After baking and head off

Cheese filling



I like leek tart


Crème de Chou-Fleur Aux Moules de Bouchot – Cauliflower cream with mussels green breaded


Bread crumbs with herbs = green bread crumbs

Mussels a la marinier

Breaded like a shnitzel

The cauliflower boiling in milk and cream

Mixed and strained



Some olive oil and salt added last moment


Mussels taste completely different that way

Was really good smooth and yummy. With some fresh bread even better.

Parmentier de Kippers – Potatoes puree with herring fish


Smoked herring open

Smoked herring, closed

After roasting the potatoes in the oven they are grained into the pot

A lot (!) of butter is cut to cubes

Same amount of potato and butter, this is the big secret of this puree

Butter-green-bread crumbs

Waiting for their time to re-heat in the salamander


Adding sauce of fish carcasses and cream


Inside look. For me the green on top was not very tasty but the sauce was very good and the potato so rich

Noix de Coquilles Saint Jacques, Tartare d’Algues – Scallops, seaweed tartar, filled Brussels sprout

The seaweed is thinly chopped

Rob demonstrating

Pickles for the tartar

Everything's ready for the seasoning of the tartar

Brussels sprouts are separated from leafs

Filled with something and rolled in a film, then steamed

Searing the scallops

And another scallop is kept raw



Side view

I rather eat the scallop seared then raw, this is what I learned

Carbonnade de Boeuf à la Flamande – Beef cooked in beer, Endives with granny smith caramelized flowers and fries

Meat is cooking for a long time in brown beer

Spice bread cubes are added

That's a weird way to season

Straining the sauce

Cutting the potatoes for the fries

Making the apple-endive flowers

There's apple in-between every leaf of endive

Pan roasted with some sugar and butter

After cooked it opens up pretty

Ihsuan is very concentrating when seasoning the endives

Frying the potatoes


A tower of fries

Rustic kind of beauty

Fries X O X

The meat was very soft after the long cooking. Liked the sauce very much

My favorite, the endive with granny smith. Like a candy

Assiette Tout Café, Sorbet à la Bière Crick Cerise – A plate of coffee desserts: Parfait, Espuma and creme brule, all coffee flavored, Cherry beer sorbet.

For the sorbet, we started by measuring liquid glucose which was a big mistake. The sticyest thing on earth and we had to use the powder one

After heating to 40 degrees, then 100, now chilling back to 20.

Adding the cherry beer

A vanilla bean is soaked there the whole night

After the machine work, ready to use.

Making the espuma which is actually whipped cream coffee flavored

Adding kahlua and concentrated coffee syrup

The cream is ready for the siphon - like a soda

In the meantime, the parfait is made from yolks, cooked as a sabayone with sugar syrup, then beaten and chilled in the kenwood

Whipped cream is folded in

Put in molds

To the freezer

Creme brule is made differently this time. Instant coffee, powder coffee and concentrated coffee are added to the boiling milk

Cooked ten minutes with the coffee

Cream added, it's strained and divided to small cups

Chilled when cooked

What wasn't cooked enough was sent back

When it's cold, brown sugar sprinkled on top

Harder to brule because the whole thing is brown

Me with the siphon ready to spray some coffee whipped cream

Chef helping us plate the parfait which wasn't cold enough from freezing

Coffee something topped with another coffee something


Making sorbet cannelle

It was good, very rich

The creme brule was so strong it was like drinking espresso, good if you like it

The parfait with the espuma

I ate all my espresso

Ericka enjoying our delicious dessert

The happy class eating lunch together once again

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3 Responses to Menu Regional Picardie

  1. Nachman says:

    Beutiful desserts

  2. Ema Irit says:

    אז נחמן אמנם כתב על המנות אחרונות אבל בסופו של דבר הכין בסופ”ש את המרק כרובית דומה לאיך שאתם עשיתם אבל בלי….שמנת בלי… הסקלופס … עדיין זה היה מדהים אז כפי שאת רואה את מעוררת השראהבזה שאת משתפת אותנו במעלליך הקולינריים.

  3. Sharin says:

    Looks amazing!

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