This pass week focus was our forth restaurant service. This time I was a team player but not a group leader which made my job a lot easier, I found it very enjoyable and laid back but less challenging. We were doing the fish dish again and got to handle dorade (sea bream) once again. Another interesting new concept this time was cooking a pasta-“risotto” a la minute, meaning, cooking it freshly with every order. took about 20 minutes to cook every time so we had to start a little while after the order came in and it was not simple to handle 4 pots cooking different phases of the risotto. The first night I was frying the fish, which was also good for me because as the group leader last two restaurant services and the first one which we did the cold amuse bouche, I didn’t get a chance to be in the real fish/meat preparation station. The second day of service we had to switch to the 4th floor restaurant with an unfamiliar kitchen but it was nice to have a change. We were waiting for 40 lunch covers but a reservation for ten got cancelled last minute. I guess in an actual real restaurant this sort of thing is a real waste of money and time.

The dinner menu

Millefeuille de foie gras au pain d'épices, vinaigre balsamique

Rabbit pâté on a toast with mustard ice-cream

Préssée de volaille au chou vert, salsifis cuit au jus

Marbré de canard et foie gras aux artichauts

Demi-dorade piquée aux olives, risotto de coquillettes

First day presentation

Deconstructed Paella

Canon d'agneau rôti et sa croutes d'agrumes, gnocchi de pomme de terre, dattes au citron

Jarret de porc farci de joue de cochon, lentilles verts du Puy

Amuse bouche Anglo A: Millefeuille de foie gras au pain d’épices, vinaigre balsamique – Foie gras, spice bread, reduction of balsamic vinegar.

The livers has to be deveined. How? Watch the video

Rested inside alcohol

Put inside a terrine mold. Pushed down, then cooked for 30 min in a bain marrie and then pressed heavily until served

The terrine ready to be sliced

Spice bread toasts, balsamic syrup

The slices had to be thinner in my opinion

The crust added both sides like a sandwich

Served to all customers


Amuse bouche Anglo B – Rabbit pâté on a toast with mustard ice-cream

Cannel of rabbit pâté


I tasted just the ice-cream and it's kinda weird on the pallet, surprising

Entree Anglo A: Préssée de volaille au chou vert, salsifis cuit au jus – Pressed chicken with green cabbage, salsify cooked in juice

Little rectangles of cabbage

Salsify which is this rot vegetable cooked in chicken broth

Chicken breasts cooked for hours on low temp

Separate the meat from the bones

Frying some foie gras

mixing the chicken with herbs and the foie gras


The mixture ready to be pressed

The happy group

The presser doing overtime

Eye level view

Bird's eye view (thanks Claire)

On the pass

Entree Anglo B: Marbré de canard et foie gras aux artichauts – Duck, potatoes, artichokes and foie gras terrine.

Before coloring

On a bed of leaves


Fish Anglo A: Demi-dorade piquée aux olives, risotto de coquillettes – Half a sea bream stung with olives, risotto of pasta shells

We cleaned and filetted 32 dorades

Then every filet was "stung" with olive scales, took a while but it was amusing

Scaled olives

For the pesto and the risotto we got a huge chunk of parmegiano reggiano

A good amount of pesto

Our mise en place, I actually spent about an hour to cut one zucchini to 1mm squares

Childhood memories for french people apparently

Staring the service with cooking the pasta risotto style per order

Barbara handling the risotto cooking

Adding butter, parmesan and a spoon of every color vegetable

Four pots of different stages of the risotto

Frying the pique dorade


First day we plated inside a bowl

Second day plating was in a square plate, trying different styles of plating

The winning plating

Did I mention the pine nuts?

Pretty nice but kinda simple

Yum, pesto, pine nuts, parmesan

I know, many pictures 🙂

Fish Anglo B: Deconstructed Paella 

Seafood slide

Blowing a film bubble

Really cute

Side view

Meat Anglo A: Canon d’agneau rôti et sa croutes d’agrumes, gnocchi de pomme de terre, dattes au citron – Canon of lamb and citrus crusts, potato gnocchi, lemon dates

We were all experimenting with bonning the "canon" out of the lamb rack

The canon after I cleaned it and the layer of fat

Most of the time dedicated to...... pealing dates! Hot and sticky

Making the gnocchi

Posing chefs

These gnocchi were fine but too heavy, have to find a better recipe


Braising the canon of lamb, wrapped in lamb fat

Carved before plating



Meat Anglo B: Jarret de porc farci de joue de cochon, lentilles verts du Puy – Knuckle of pork stuffed with pig’s cheek, green lentils

Making baby carrots

Green lentils

Side view

Didn't have time to ask for a taste of the lentils and most of the other group's dishes

The pass

The 4th floor pass

The calm before the storm

Anglo B's part of the kitchen

The Gard Manger

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7 Responses to Restaurant Service #4

  1. Ema Irit says:

    אנחנו היינו היום במסעדה שנחשבת לטובה מאוד בארץ ולא זכינו לקצה של הדברים שהגשתם שם כמובן….. גם מבחינת האוכל המעניין וכמובן הפלייטינגוהעיצוב המדהים שוווה שווה

  2. Nachman says:

    what is the – rôti et sa croutes d’agrumes ???

  3. Nachman says:

    I had a Deconstructed Paella in Washington DC, last time Dhiru invited me to dinner

  4. Sharin says:

    Very nice & so diverse!
    My favorites were Deconstructed Paella & risotto de coquillettes.
    It left me a bit confused because I thought risotto is only for rice, not pasta..

    • Mashav says:

      The risotto issue is that it’s actually a cooking technique so it can be used to cook not only rice but whatever. Came out nice, but using rice would be more creamy in texture… Chef wanted something that the audience will be remembering their childhood, this is why the little pasta was chosen

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