Another month has passed at Ferrandi therefore I present to you the Cafeteria Lunch Collection #2. This time I added a rating of 1-5 points and explanations when needed.

4.5/5, steak hache - which is hamburger but red inside. The greatest bun bread and a nice but not super dessert.

3/5. The rabbit. Was disappointing. I feel sorry that this was the end of this cute animal. 2 points for the mushroom and chestnut condiment. The salad was weird

2 points for a salmon filled with something and vegetables as a salad

and 1 point for this tortellini which was ok. 3/5 total.

+0.5 point for something that could be good, a vegetable puree with feta cheese, but turned out not good because of peels going on there.

+3.5 points for a really cool bone of lamb with couscous and tomatoes. total: 4/5

3/5 for a veal curry with carrot and spinach. The curry was good but vegetable were tasteless. Also, I missed this apple tart 馃檪

A close up

2.5/5 because the grapefruit and desserts were nice. The salad fine, fish not so good

2/5 for this duck that was too dry, awful rice, not taking any rice anymore, and cool dessert

1.5/5 if the fish is not a salmon, great chance it's gonna turn out pretty bad in a big cafeteria. Liked the yogurt with apple sauce with my pate a choux

1/5 quarter of a chicken. Very dry, why!?!? The caramelized balls with cream saved it from 0 points

4/5 meat balls with sauce and yogurt with pears sauce and granola, fresh vegetables. Good day!

2/5 oops, again this fish. The reason I keep taking it is that the meat line so much longer than the fish line.

Granola with yogurt and pineapple!

4.5/5 almost perfect yum yum

4.5/5 because this green beans are pretty bad but choucrute with 3 types of meat !!! Was great and better than it looked.

3/5 veal with mustard sauce. Chickpeas in the salad bar


5/5, the hamburger was great (I like it but most people try to eat just the cooked parts), with the fresh bread, mayo is good and tarte was also good.

This is how rare it's served. Considered usual in France. Wohoho

2/5. I liked this cake. The grapefruit too bitter and meat too chewy

3.5/5 The steak was better than expected. The beans worse than expected and the dessert is light and fun (Floating island in creme anglaise)

3.5/5 because I missed the Carpaccio for appetizer and the lady told me to take back the orange :/

Was a great lunch month. I’m addicted.


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6 Responses to School Lunch Collection October

  1. Nachman says:

    The bone of lamb with couscous and tomatoes – looks like a “Flintstones Moment”…
    what do you mean “missed this apple tart”? – i see it on your tray.
    you are really tough to please! only one 5/5!!!

    • Mashav says:

      I mean that we hadn’t had any apple tart for a long time in the lunch desserts so i missed it. Then I saw it and took it again.

  2. Sharin says:

    Great lunch time!

  3. Ema Irit says:

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  4. Ema Irit says:

    讻诪讜 砖讻转讘讛 砖讗专讬谉 “Great lunch time”

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