Due to the fact that first of November is a vacation day in France, and the day after we had restaurant service, we had to work double on this Wednesday to make all the prep on time. These three days Wednesday-Friday started very early and were exhausting but now that I had some rest I can write about it. This service I was the “chef de partie” of the meat station. Wasn’t the hardest station that service because the fish dish this time had 26 different elements and was defiantly more complected but we were all girls station, had to deal with all the stocks and I had a hard time managing it. Chef had very high expectations from me after last restaurant service when I also been the “chef de partie” and this is why he put me in charge again but it was harder, I’m not sure I lived to the expectation and it was a crappy feeling. We didn’t have to send as much plates as we thought because people preferred the other group’s dish. I don’t blame them, our dish was pretty straight forward and simple. Didn’t even look that good on the plate to my opinion and it’s another thing that made me feel not so satisfied with the outcome. Anyway, this is the results and then the details of the making of some of the dishes.

Menu that the guests got. I stole it when we were invited to a table that asked to see the chefs.

The menu with explanatory pictures:

Coquille saint jacques snackées, condiment café-réglisse, fleur de bourache

Cocktail de chair de tourteau émulsion de crustacés, guacamole et crème de tacos

Feuillantine de boudin noir façon pastilla, purée de citron

Tarte fine de saint-jacques, beurre blanc à la vanille

Filet de rouget juste poêlé légumes d'automne, jus de persil

Filet de Daurade, gratin de courgettes, sauce vierge

Echine de porc panée, dés de petits légumes au poivre vert, pomme de terre grillée

Selle d'agneau farcie, cannelloni de légumes, espuma de chèvre

The pass ready with some of the example dishes for the chefs to taste before service begins

In the middle of service, Chef Stephan yelling the orders

This is the huge kitchen, while everyone's working

Coquille saint jacques snackées, condiment café-réglisse, fleur de bourache – Scallop snack with black condiment and a purple flower.

Wednesday morning we hadn't had anywhere to cook, everything was taken so we had to use the pastry lab (!) to prep for the dinner service. It was very uncomfortable. The scallops are being cracked open and cleaned

Black radish is sliced very fine and the purple flower, I think with an oyster flavor

The black condiment made from: black olives, soy sauce, tamarind, garlic, ginger, licorice, coffee, orange juice, squid ink. Mostly tasted like olives.

Pretty simple but very nice looking amuse bouche.


Cocktail de chair de tourteau émulsion de crustacés, guacamole et crème de tacos – Crab meat salad with guacamole

The crabs

Most of the time Elizabeth was just peeling these crabs.

Empty shells

The dish put together

Didn't get the taco bits in it, but I also didn't taste the final result.

Feuillantine de boudin noir façon pastilla, purée de citron – Campignon tart with blood sausage and cider, granny smith slice and a “brick” pastry.

It a thin pastry dough ready to use.

The blood sausage hmmmmm

Fried and then pureed with cider and some other stuff

Rob plating

Champignon heads only are sliced per order!

Barbara on the mandoline station

Before the mushrooms are put in a rose shape

Topped with Cepes flour. Blood sausage is so good. I really liked it.

Tarte fine de saint-jacques, beurre blanc à la vanille – Raw scallops tart with a vanilla-butter sauce.

This is whatever was under the scallops, don't remember what exactly

First day presentation

Different presentation the next day

Filet de rouget juste poêlé légumes d’automne, jus de persil – Red mullet filet with parsley juice, fish cream sauce and autumn vegetables

Roasted red pepper

Broccoli flowers

Red onion confit

Pork belly

Some bitter lettuce

Baby corn, fresh

Crosnes, Japanese artichoke that looks like warm

Dried morilles mushrooms

Crazy mise en place with all the different elements, some cooked, some raw, cold and warm.


The most complected station

Finished product. There's also a carrot, bruxelles sprout, mini eggplant, jerusalem artichoke, shallot, garlic, lemon puree, some flowers and herbs, grapefruit and olive oil

I love these kind of dishes!

Thrilling 😛

Filet de Daurade, gratin de courgettes, sauce vierge – Fillet of Sea Bream, zucchini gratin, sauce vierge. I have no idea what is this vierge.

I love dorade

Cute tomatoes

The vegetables

The dorade dish

Changed presentation for the second day of service

Manuella kept eating the pine nuts as they were frying. Hard to resist.

Echine de porc panée, dés de petits légumes au poivre vert, pomme de terre grillée – Pork shoulder sous-vide for 14 hours then breaded and fried, vegetable ratatouille, grilled potatoes, pork juice reduction.

Making the veal stock with pork feet in the oven

The pork feet

First day we didn't have enough time to cook everything as it should. The stock was cooked just 6 hours or so

Next day we had an overnight stock which is a lot better

Potatoes cooked with the skins

Clarified butter

Olive cutting the potatoes to slices

The pork with pepper grains, salt and olive oil in the sous vide bags

Same thing like the stock. First day we only cooked the meat for about 5 hours, next day we put it overnight for about 14 hours and came out a lot better, soft and tender

Pork out of the bag

Was cooking in steams for a long time, 70 degrees only. very moist and tender

Cutting out rectangles

Cutting the peppers to nice squares

Also eggplant and courgettes

Ready to be fried

Every vegetable cooked separately

Then all mixed together with sweated onions

Making the sauce, the onions and carrot sweating in butter

trimmings of the pork are added and colored

red wine added and reduced

The stock poured in little by little until the sauce has a nice consistency

Bread crumbs made from, well, bread!

Breading station, with dijon mustard instead of egg wash

My station cooking full gas!

The grilling potatoes, yes with the clarified butter 🙂

The ratatouille is reheated with the strained sauce and some butter

First day presentation

Second day presentation

A little weird no?

Selle d’agneau farcie, cannelloni de légumes, espuma de chèvre – Saddle of lamb filled with spinach, cannelloni of vegetables and goat cheese foam-sauce liquid thing.

Fresh pasta making for this dish

courgettes for the cannelloni filling

Plating over steams. Nice idea but stupid also, because then they don't have a place to cook on the stove and they have to go to our side in the kitchen, not so practical

Wrapping the lamb with pork cual

After searing goes to the oven with thyme leaves and garlic

Zeina and I were communicating timing, moving plates to the "pass"

How can anyone resist a fresh cannelloni?

After two services were over, our group stayed in the kitchen for another 3 hours to prep for the next day regional meal lunch (next post). So we were kinda dead that evening, legs are soaring from standing so much time and just tiered, thinking about the next day’s 7:30AM in the kitchen. This is when Alissa flirted with a french guy from another class and got herself a whole black forest cake! We had to wait until we finish cleaning our kitchen for the second time this day to feast on this wonderful treat. It was also Barbara’s birthday so double celebration!!

The black forest cake

Eating it like animals

Can 14 people finish a huge cake in less then 10 min? We had our doubts

But it was gone before we knew it!!

Lovely Anglo A enjoying the end of the shift, what a relieve!

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7 Responses to Third Restaurant Service

  1. Sharin says:

    The second presentation of the Raw scallops tart.. Actually of all the dishes.
    How does the Japanese artichoke taste? Is it like the Jerusalem ones?
    And a silly question: I saw this guy in a suite and it made me think, who are the waiters in your restaurant?

  2. Nachman says:

    I agree with Shlomo – WOW!

  3. Ema Irit says:

    ההגשה מדהימה ובטח הכל נורא טעים ושוב בכל מנה מושקעים כל כך הרבה שעות, מוצרים ועבודה שזה פשוט מדהים ואז אוכלים בדקות ספורות

  4. Thomas says:

    Hello there again! I am getting really excited about starting in Feb.

    By the way, how do you make the “emulsion de crustacés” to be so bubbly like mousse and stay on top so long without loosing its bubbles? Did you use a texturizer like lechitin? Thank you!

  5. […] but the black curry doesn’t do it for me, not now and not when Chef Sebastian tried to copy it in our restaurant service back in Nov’ […]

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