Christmas is getting closer and this Monday we had our last pastry class before the holiday break. The famous known Christmas cake is Buche de Noël which means the log of Christmas and gives me the first opportunity to put the ‘e’ with the two dots enhancement mark. We already had it as a dessert in the cafeteria so I knew what it was about but it’s nothing I could imaging they’re making for Christmas. All I heard about is the fruit cake and the dry big cake the Russians buy for Christmas. So it was pretty new to me. Especially all the small decorations that comes with it and are mandatory like the branching of the log, the mushroom meringue, the marzipan holy leaves etc. Just as a remark I asked the inevitable questions at class: why the hell would anyone do a log shaped cake for the holiday?  It’s weird thing to do, don’t you think? Surprisingly I got a really nice story from Chef Antoine about the old times when people came as guests to the holiday, they would bring a log with them as a courtesy to put in the fire and get warm. Since then we have electric heating and guests bring flowers or a cake. So why not bring a log cake as a homage to the old time present, just that it’s edible! And exploded with sugar and butter.

Making meringue mushrooms with cacao frost

Before baking

Making the sponge cake base

Squared and baked base for the cake

For the butter cream, butter is whipped until fluffy (left) and yolks are whipped with sugar syrup (right)

For the chestnut mousse, melting chestnut curd with some cream

Adding whipped cream

Yum! The best part of this cake!

The butter cream - half chocolate, half vanilla and the chestnuts mousse

What a mess

Moist the base, spread whatever and roll

A monstrous big log

My smaller log before rolling

Marzipan colored in red and green

Let the fun begin

Some creativity needed now


Marzipan rose, demoed by a guest french chef

My red rose, the technique works!

Chocolate frosting

Log making with coffee flavored butter cream

My holy leaves decorations

My finished presentation


Two color frosting

Little snow man in the snow

Chef's huge presentation with real tree branches

Taking home a lot of cake

Bottom line: Not the best cake flavor-wise and too buttery for me. I liked the marron mousse alone, the marzipan alone. Either way it’s a nice present and something to get you in the holiday spirits.


I’m freezing some of it now so I can maybe take some home with me for the holiday. Hope it goes as planned and you can try some!


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4 Responses to Christmas Log Cake

  1. Chen p says:

    מקווה שאכן הבאת איתך הביתה

  2. chen p says:

    אני מוכנה להקריב את עצמי ולקבל את המעוכים

  3. Nachman says:

    it is great even after the trip to the holly land. and yes I agree the chestnuts mousse is the best.

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