I’m not gonna explain this time about each one of the pictures because I’m behind schedule with my posting, but it’s pretty obvious these are dinners and other meals I had made mainly from leftovers from school in the past month or so.


This was soft tofu in soy sauce with parsley. The parsley from school and the rest from china town

Malaysian dinner at Edu's

Pork sandwich

Sweet and salty stuffed french toasts


Mule marinier



Inside parts of the chicken I cleaned

I was not ready to give these ones up

Pork, button mushrooms, fried rice

Sausages with tartare sauce

Brioche with foie gras and candied grapefruit

Simply eating what we made that day in class

The duck and the rabbit

Chicken salad

A whole chicken dinner


Friday dinner with Reut and Nadav

Pasta with clams and razor clams

And there was an amazing salad with mustard leaves

Expensive-chicken salad

Sole wrapped in bacon

With cauliflower cream and pesto and two cute scallop treats


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