Cupcakes with Barbara, in front of school cupcake place.

Vanilla and cherry

Salty caramel

Ready to dig in with high expectations

Inside gaze

Inside gaze #2

The positive: pretty. The negative: 1. One of the cakes was too old and dry. 2. The butter cream was disgusting for me, Barbara seemed fine with it. 3. Was expensive. Bottom line: Better to just look from the window, you get all the good without the bad.


Crêpe with Shane

Buckwheat crêpe

Filled with goat cheese and tomato

The positive: 1. the buckwheat is a lot more healthy and also give a different flavor. 2. was freshly made. 3. pretty cheap 4. changed the gruyere cheese with goat cheese for me. The negetive: 1. basic and simple, could be considered as a positive for some people. Bottom line: Why not?

Bubble tea (Vita in) with some of our class’ addicts:

Hot coco flavored bubble tea, another time I got Macha tea

The positive: 1. I like the tapioca bubbles. 2. the macha tea is nice. The negative: 1. the coco flavor wasn’t noticeable. 2. a much redundant amount of milk is bad for the stomach. For me in particular. 3. Quite pricey. 4.5 euro for the small glass. Bottom line: Nice to try once or twice, then preferably go back to a nice glass of wine.

Vietnamese soup in China town with Adrian and Shane:

The herbs

Soup of the house with meat and balls of some other meat

Shane took the same soup

Adrian took the chicken soup and had a hard time handling with the bones

The positive: 1. great flavor. 2. good value for a whole meal, for about 8 euro. The negative: far in china town, I have no Vietnamese place next to my house or school. Bottom line: I want to go back there. A lot better then the chinese soup, the broth is filled with flavors.


Thai dinner with Barbara and Shane at Thai Pacific:

Beef chilly salad. The star of the meal

Salmon ginger and coconut soup. Too sweet

A whole dish in a coconut - seafood curry

Beef satée with sticky rice

Chicken curry

Coconut flan

The positive: 1. The beef salad and the saté beef were good. 2. menu of 17 euro. The negative: the soup wasn’t balanced, the chicken curry was too liquidy. Bottom line: Barbara promised to show us a better thai place. That still hadn’t happened but we hope it will soon.

Darnai, Korean restaurant with Shane:

Opening salad. Not Korean, is that french? Not clear.

Ravioli which is actually fried dumpling with a dipping sauce. Was pretty good but very oily.

Korean pancake. Was a nice starter

Squid with vegetables in chilly sauce and noodles. The dish was very good except for the noodles which were over cooked.

Bibimbap with grilled beef and cheese and some other stuff. Cheese is weird in a korean dish. It was good except for the cheese and the olives you see in the pic. The meat was good

Shane having a hard time with the metallic chopsticks

Kimchy plates

Two more. So good I loved all of them.

For dessert a ball of plum wine ice-cream

Positive: 1. menu of 10-14 euro for 3 course meal + salad and the korean kimchi that are refilled! Good value! 2. A huge selection of dishes, we want to go back to try many more. 3. close to my apartment. 4. the sweet and sour turnip salad (one of the free salads) 5. an authentic feeling when everyone around us were actually korean people. The negetive: 1. some of the food was transformed from korean to something else: the salad, the cheese in the bibimbap. 2. Too oily. 3. it’s a kind of place you have to know what to order, the group next to us got nice plates we weren’t sure what they were. Bottom line: it’s like home cooking, fairly cheap, like going to eat some other family dinner. And the chilly sauce has a real addictive munch.

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