Why everyone in France and all over the world are crazy about Macarons? Why does this simple to make cookie costs a fortune? Maybe because it’s addictive. Beware.

Almond powder, yolk, powdered sugar.

syrup boiling

Syrup poured into the beaten egg whites

Until back to about 50 degrees

Folded with the almond paste

Piped to small circles

Smoothed down by gravitation

Yellowish macarons

Green macarons

Resting 15 minutes before baking

When baked

Making the fillings: white chocolate ganache flavored with rose

The second is milk chocolate with passion fruit

Powdered the shells with some eatable glitter powder




The green batch of minis

Over filled it? I don't think so!

All the babies and their mommy in the middle

Yes, some are deformed I'm aware of that

Happy family!

By the way, they tasted a lot better after 1-2 days

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2 Responses to Macaron Madness

  1. Nachman says:

    i got the big green one when I visited Mashav in paris – WOW! that was good!

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