In contrast to my last post concerning how I feel about the restaurant services as part of the Ferrandi’s program, Menu regional days have always been the highlights of the week for me. Occasionally I had a really easy task and felt board but most of the times I was lucky to be in a good group. Then sitting down to eat with some different glasses of wine and really good dishes made everything’s alright. This time we had tuns of work to do, me and Claire, to our sardine dish. Dealing with the fish took almost 90% of our time and we hardly had any time to make the rest but I think in the end our dish was the best of the meal. This whole meal of the Grand Ouest included seafood and dairy, like best known for in Brittany. Some variety of wines from Pays de la Loire accompanied the meal and although we had a lot to eat, I didn’t feel so sick like after eating the duck fest of Perigord.

Carpaccio de langustines, avruga

Tart sablée de Sardines, Praires farcies

Petits Pavés de Bar au quinoa, sabayon à l'hydromel

Ragout de homards, linguinis aux petits légumes

Terrine de Crêpes à l'orange, Glace aux oeufs, caramel au beurre salé


The carpaccio was good but needed some more acidity. Chef doesn't like to put any lemon but I think with fish and seafood - acidity enhances the flavor, not cover it.

Many many little sardines asking for attention

Small creature with huge scales

Filetting all these was very good to my practice. After 16 of them I feel more confident

Guess what? Taking out the bones!

Butter with shallots, parsley and roasted almond powder.

Filling the clams with the butter

Tarte sablée of parmesan, olives..

Putting it all together, too much trimmings !

Ready to the salamander

And a delicious tomato sauce in the middle

Like I said I loved this dish but wasn't happy about cutting these sardines to a small circle. Would prefer see (and taste) the whole filets on top.

Yum yum

Zeynel plating

The sabayon was very nice, made with honey wine. The mango dot was not enough, give us more mango next time!

For the lobster dish we got some live Lobsters from two types. American originated and French originated. Can you guess who's who?

Some carrying eggs

Just throw them in the boiling water, tail goes first.

The sauce with all the shells of other dishes' shrimp and langustines

After cooked, eggs turned orange

The sauce and flesh were good.. Combination with the pasta - weird.

The crêpe group posing while their crêpes are burning

This crêpe cake was amazing: layers of crêpe and crème anglaise in between

Also best ice-cream of the year :>

We all took seconds of the orange caramel and the ice cream

Everything's oozing together

This was the final note before we went away for the holidays. A really good feeling to go with.

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6 Responses to Menu Grand Ouest

  1. Shlomo says:

    another wow!

  2. Ema Irit says:

    Which lobster was the french?

  3. פורמלג says:

    אם ישנה סיבה (אחת אמיתית) בגינה לעולם לא אעז לקחת קורס בישול מקצועי, היא כדי להימנע מקטעים מקריפים כאלה של להרוג חיות בעצמי או לבתר אותן. פשוט לא מסוגלת :\
    בכל אופן, כל הכבוד על הכל. נראה מדהים ומעורר תאבון.

    • Mashav says:

      היי פור תודה על התגובה
      לא רק שקטעים כאלה לא מקריפים אותי, אני דווקא נהנית מזה, אבל כל אחד והדברים שדוחים אותו.
      שמחה שנהנית

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