Another month has passed by in Ferrandy’s cafeteria. It never cease to surprise me, for better or for worse.


Chicken nuggets. Yuk! 2/5

Traded my chicken nuggets with Ihsuan's meat which was too rare for her. + 1 point for this move. 3/5

Nice cake, boring everything else. 2/5

Another sausage, the flan was eggy. Not a good day. 1/5

A really nice steak. Brussels sprout, salad.

..and a purple mousse cake. Great meal: 5/5

Worse choice ever. I got the Andouillette (why?!!) which is a beef tripe and pork sausage. Had one before but this one was stinky and bread crumbed (why?!). The OK french fries and tomato could not save this awful lunch from 0/5

Okay the dessert was actually quite good so 1/5

What is that? I can't even recognize it.

But the cake! Look how pretty is the marzipan rose I got! 4/5 for this lunch. Because the cake itself was dry.

Steak hache! My favorite.

+ Berry mousse. 5/5

Now that fish-week has gone by I could go back and take the fish at lunch. Salmon is always decent here. Couscous salad

Vegetable dip with feta cheese, a lot better than the one I had last month. 4/5

This one is a dinner on a restaurant service day. I'm usually in a hurry but this time I remembered to take the pic. You can't choose whatever you want like the lunch, you just grab a cold stuff tray and pair a hot plat to it. Was pretty disgusting, but we get a free soda can so 1/5

After.. yuyks!

Veal (?) with cream mushroom sauce, pasta and fennel in the oven. The fennel is awesome. The grapes were yummy and sweet.

Best cafeteria cake. 5/5

Meat gulash thing with vegetables.

Chocolate cake which was pretty moist. 3/5

Shan's dessert. How cute is that? I didn't believe it's pretty and yummy but I heard it was yummy so I took it the next day

Just a steak with sauce and tomatoes. Was hard to cut.

The xmas log cake 3/5 altogether

Oops! forgot to take a picture on time.

Pork belly. Best!

Green cake. For the pork belly it gets the 5/5

First day of soup - winter is officially here

What a mess! 3/5 (the soup wasn't good)

Eggplant, fish, salad and soup

Savarin for dessert. Was pretty nice and also the eggplant that I usualy don't eat had a nice parmesan coat 3.5/5

Lamb and guacamole

Ile flottante, yum! 4/5


The bread was always fresh and nice, the salads sometimes better than other days. All in all it was an interesting month cafeteria wise.

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2 Responses to November School Lunch Time

  1. Nachman says:

    very funny – i like the scoring!

    i was wondering what happens to the food on 1/5 days? do you eat it? but then you showed a pic that you do – so the mystery was solved…

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