For our final trip the Ferrandi course we were taken to Bordeaux the capital of wine! Trip lasted three days which is a fair amount of time to go around the rural and country and find local produce and farms with the knowledge of our chefs. But! After all, we are cuisine students, and for me the cuisine comes first. This is why this post is dedicated for the fives meals we had out and all the rest of the trip points of interest will have a separate post dedicated.

First day’s lunch in Septieme Péché one Michelin star restaurant.


White glass of wine

The olive oil comes in a plastic dripper. Classy or geeky?

Tartar de dorade, caviar de citron et bouillon de coquillages et crustacés

The bouillon poured in the plate

I liked this dish, it was a play of hot and cold, cooked and raw and the bouillon was the best part of the meal. Very nice to dip the bread into.

Red glass as well

Demi-Pigeon cuit en basse température, jardin de jérome, jus de cuisson

Side view

I liked this dish as well though some people thought it was too raw and served too cold. Yes, it had to be better seared before serving but I love pigeon and the accompanies were tasty and interesting, all kinds of vegetables cooked several ways.

Hmmm all mixed carefully together

Textures chocolat valrhona, Manjari & Ivoire (??), sorbet passion

In the ball were two mousses of chocolate

The dessert was okay but not a Michelin star dessert. The biscuit was dry and boring, the mousse which was pretty fluffy and had nice texture was wrapped inside this jelly chocolate ball which was not pleasant. Sorbet for me was okay but Andreea found it “Horrible!”

For the dinner we had the best meal of the trip, Restaurant La Cape, just outside of the city. Also a one star Michelin. It was a true pleasure for practically everyone, all were satisfied and enjoyed themselves. It’s a kind of a “Espuma-Restaurant”, every dish is served and presented, then the waiter comes with a sauce, an espuma or a jus and pour/spray it on the plate.

The design: high tech, purpule and a goldfish as a center piece. Pretty economic

The goldfish didn't bother me but for Adrian it was uncomfortable as he kept obsessing if it's dying or not. Some other people tried feeding the poor thing.

The menu - we had the whole "discover" menu!

Salmon rillette in an ice-cream cone

Came like this to the center of the table.

Concept wise and taste wise was very good.

The bread, fresh and warm was so good. It kept coming and none of us could resist.

The little olive roll with butter was the best, just came out of the oven soft and moist.

The second AB was leek dish: cooked, pickled with black truffles and croutons. All this was cold. Then the waiter poured a warm leek espuma on top of it.

Everything together was a joy. Cold and warm. The truff really came through and I love these dishes with a vegetable concept. This one bought me.

Saint jacques Rôtie sous une viennoise croustillante, tripes de St. jacques confites a l'orange, rhubarbe en deux texture

The waiter pointing and explaining every element of the dish. Prof!

Pouring the sauce on top

This dish looks simple but has so many things going on. The seared scallop with crust, the "tripe" of the scallop cooked with orange, the raw scallop on the side, two type of rhubarb one sweet and one sour, the flower and the carrot!

"Why are we not using the tripe of the scallops?" Barbara asking while eating. "It's delicious!". Apparently not easy to cook it properly without making it stiff.

Bar de ligne de la Cotinière poêlé au beurre d'algue, faux cannelloni de celtus et citron caviar, émulsion d'mariniere.

Adding the final émulsion to the plate

Bar seared with algae butter, Ravioli with bone marrow and lemon caviar

This could be a perfect dish but I think the bone marrow is asking for more salt. The bar was nicely cooked. I liked the sauce a lot.

The wine is pouring

Filet de veau de lait cuit à basse température condiment nori et groseille de mer, huitre gillardeau et oignon rouge acidulé

With the sauce. Veal filet cooked sous-vide in low temperature, wrapped with nori, topped with oyster and red onion salad, asparagus and squid ink cracker, sea flower.

It was very creative and everything was tasty. Not sure about the whole thing together though. It was a strange combination.

The veal cooked so tender

First time I tried this thing. Loved it, salty and crunchy!

Tranche de Brillant Savarin truffé. Réduction de cresson et chips de pomme de terre

Freshly grated truffle on top

It's a Brillant (very strong) cheese mixed with truffles, watercress and potato chip

The perigord truff were very perfumed

Macaron café caramel, tube croquant 100% chocolate chaud, crème glacé caramel salé

Dessert of chocolate pole with hot chocolate foam poured into it when served, ice-cream of salted caramel and caramel-coffee macaron. I liked all the elements but the big pole

There was a brownie inside

The macaron was excellent, one of the I had

This pole was just too much, I left it on the plate

The table of Mignardises coming to our table, everyone can choose one or two things with the coffee or tea

Red pepper candy

I chose the Mango mousse and lemon marshmallow. The mango was really good and felt fresh, nice ending

Visiting Chef Nicolas Magie in this kitchen, thanking him for an amazing meal.

The second day’s lunch was held outside, like a picnic  for some very optimistic reason. Unfourtunatley it was pretty windy and cold sitting outside. Good thing we started with a soup the chefs made for us. I think it was pumpkin but I’m not sure because I was on a hunt for a toilette while they explained.

Orange soup with whipped cream

Chef Christophe Girardot joined us throughout this whole day and on lunch time we understood the surprise. We (the guys) were carrying these oysters boxes the whole day and a box of wine. We sat outside and chef opened one of the boxes and it turned out to be our lunch boxes! Filled with chef’s creations especially for us.

Chef explaining what's in our lunch boxes

This is how it looked like when we opened it. Used the lid to sit on it so our buts won't freeze. Good idea!

Salad of beef cheek on top of potato and apples salad, with some rocket and drizzle of balsamic reduction

The balsamic with the rocket and the cheek of beef were great. I wasn't crazy for the potato salad which had a bit too much mayo. Ans potato.

For the main course, a salmon roll filled with sea weed, scallop and dill, pumpkin and eggplant terrine with lemon vinaigrette

It was a nice idea, a lot of dill and for me the main problem is that it was very cold and the flavors were not shining

The cover - Arcachon oysters! So cool!!

For dessert we had  riz au lait (which had cream and not milk for sure!) with some lemon zest. I was so full I didn’t open it there but kept it for later that afternoon in the bus. Was worth it!

Also some Cannelé which is a Bordeaux specialty with a small tangerine

For dinner the second night we had reservations at Solena In Bordeaux. They didn’t give us any written menu so I’m not sure what we had exactly.

Apéritif with a long explanation and a slice of orange

Crispy dough with beef and a spoon of lemon-white cheese

Foie gras of the house with raspberry and butternut squash puree and a basket of vegetables

The basket didn't make sense to me, it was kinda dry and I would rather have the vegetables without it

The first wine

The second wine

The main course was really good. It was veal, gnocchi and spinach, roasted shallot and sauce.

The sauce had mushrooms

For dessert we had a chocolate macaron withchocolate ganache, pineapple and sorbet.

Confit of yuzu was nice and strong but the thing that just ruined the dessert for me was the sauce. Made from a type of swamp root that's supposed to taste like vanilla but actually was very unpleasant to say the least.

I also had the pineapples separately from the macaron

Coffee with chocolate-chip cookies and marshmallows with pine scent. Weird.

Last day we got to eat lunch together. We went to a traditional rural restaurant called: Le Lion d’Or.

Our table wine. The actual wine was bought and brought with us from the Château Les Ormes Sorbet, Medoc.

A toast with Italian bacon

Water-cress soup

Belly parts sausage. Kinda not my taste. I had eaten mostly the jelly and the salad.

Duck breast with sauce and olives and a warm rustic paté. I was disappointed with this dish because the meat was cooked more than I asked, the olives were canned.

Fries brought to the center of the table.

For dessert we were watching the whole time other tables getting the house specialty – Crêpe Suzette. A must classic dessert with the whole flambé in front of the customer of the grand mariner and everything so I was looking forward to trying this great classic in a traditional French restaurant. But instead we got that:

Choux with ice-cream and chocolate sauce. So very disappointing.

Looking at this restaurant day’s menu hand-written outside the door, I can’t find any of the dishes that we got and I guess they made this meal especially for us. Could be the dishes they found easier to cook for a big group but it wasn’t anything special at all. I would expect the opposite to happen, knowing our chefs and knowing we are cuisine students, making a better meal than what a regular customer would get. I wish the trip had a more impressive ending because this place was not better than any randomly entered bistro in Paris. Some other meals had the highlights in this trip.

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