Just a minute before the Ferrandi program is over, we get a really nice “demo” day by Bordeaux chef: Christophe Girardot. His restaurant La table de Montesquieu in Bordeaux won its first Michelin star in 2010 not long after opening, very impressive. So just before our trip to Bordeaux where we are about to meet him and his food again, we had the pleasure of having him at the Ferrandi’s demo kitchen for a 3 course meal demonstration.

We haven’t been in the demo kitchen since day 1 at Ferrandi, it was symbolic and emotional to come back on the (almost) last day. What cool about this kitchen is the mirror on top of the working station and the auditorium class where we can relax and watch while someone else is doing the actual cooking. It feels like being the audience of a cooking TV show (including the smells and tastings), though we don’t get see the edited version.

We were told to come at 10 in the morning but chef was there much earlier preparing all he needs for the demo. When we came it was half way there.


Cool kitchen with mirror

The audience

Me, haha!

First course: Dentelles de pain blanc, oeufs a 64 degrees, cremeux a i’huitre du bassin et asperges vertes.

After cooking the very fresh eggs in a bain marie of 64 degrees, chef uses the yolk alone

yolk in the left and waffle-bread machine in the right

Parsley spread, asparagus, bread biscuit, oyster mousse, asparagus mousse, the yolk

A gold paper on top, but it's not finished yet.

Yohai helping out

The audience on its feet, "we want food!"

Making the side cracker with raw scallop, oyster and lobster


now it's perfect

It was a very interesting dish full of textures and flavors. The egg was so creamy but I didn't get to taste the cracker on the side

After the attack

We are ready for more

Second course: Homard bleu saute cru wok de jeunes primeurs laques soy sauce, voile soja. 


The lobster tail

Vegetables "wok" style with sweet soy sauce

The amount of soy was surprising


The lobster on top of the vegetables and tartar


A transparent circle of soy sauce and galanga-coconut cream foam


Was a very nice dish, for me a bit too salty




Getting ready for the dessert

Dessert: Cubique multitextures au chocolat de papouasie

Creamy chocolate ganache, then two walls of Feuillantin praline

5 types of chocolate something.

Two more walls of cacao shortbread biscuit and a roof of Nougatine cacao. With Cacao sauce


I ate too much of this chocolate monster. I liked all the element except for the roof of nougatine which was too bitter for me

It was a really nice experience and from there we rushed to the cafeteria to have some lunch. Obviously!

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