Auhh! I’m falling behind again with writing posts. Well, yesterday was the final school trip-day but I still have more than a week worth of posts to write about. And a lot went by this week. Luckily I have a whole next week off before I start my stage (internship). Our last regional meal was of the region Languedoc, in the south of France, which is also known for its wine. It was a pretty easy menu that was made for us and what happened is that the day before when everyone prepped for their dish I had to go to my visa medical examinations at last, so that Claire made all of the prep for the dessert. When I came that morning, 7:30, I realized there wasn’t a lot of work left to be done. Our dish, the dessert, was supposed to be crème catalan and sorbet of sweet wine. The mixture for the crème and the sorbet was ready. We had to cook the crème which turned out to be crème brulée and not crème catalan, and put the sorbet in the ice-cream machine. Instead of helping other groups doing stuff they didn’t really need, Claire had a brilliant idea of making caramel-dome decorations for our dish. I still haven’t got a lot of experience with cooked sugar so I was happy chef approved. We played with the sugar for more than two hours and it was pure fun and so enjoyable. In the beginning it looked awful but after a while there was an improvement and the time went by so fast. The lunch itself wasn’t my personal favorite, let’s say, the least favorite out of all the regional meals so far. But it wasn’t bad, just because others were so good.

Petits Patés De Pézenas

Which is pate brisee filled with lamb and orange and lemon confit

The first was Rosé wine from Provance (not languedoc but close enough) then some really nice white wine I adored. Our wine teacher joined for this meal so it was nice to have her talking about the wine while we're eating.

For the second dish:

Parmesan and chorizo crumble


Dried tomatoes

Espuma de Pélardon crumble de chorizo

Looks like granola with yogurt and fruits, but it's actually parmesan crumble, foam of pélardon (goat cheese) with tomatoes and olives

Third dish:

Bouillabaisse in the prosses

Filling made from: ham, veal, bread and milk

Filling the squids


Encornets Farcis a la Setoise, Bouillabaisse Gelifiee, Espuma d'Aioli aux safran

Jelly of fish soup with stuffed baby squid and aioli foam

Didn't get the jelly thing, I think it would be better as a soup.

The red wine opened for the meat


Very heavy soup of broad beans, duck, pork, Toulouse sausage, garlic sausage and bread crust.

Reminded me a lot of the Garboure soup we had, just has to come as a meal on it's own, don't feel this can be part of a bigger meal because it's so heavy and greasy.


Creme brulée perfumed with spices (26 yolks??)

Claire purring the mixture carefully

After cooked


Raspberry coulis with honey

Cooking the sugar


Playing with the sugar

Hmmmmm tastes so good

Crème brulée, Sorbet au Muscat de Rivesaltes

Caramel dome

And coffee!

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